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Siyasat is a 2021 Punjabi drama film starring Aman Rajput, Kiran Shergill, and Babbar Shergill. Jora seeks revenge from his uncles for his father's death, but his sister Simar has different plans. Things take a drastic turn when the uncles get Simar married to a corrupt police officer.

Details About Siyasat Movie :

Movie Released Date
27 Mar 2021
  • Drama
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Punjabi
  • Babbar Gill
  • Kiran Shergill
  • Sukhwinder Raj
  • Suwinder Vicky

Keypoints about Siyasat :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 46m

2. Audio Language: Punjabi

Siyasat- Revenge and Passion 

A Punjabi language romance-drama film directed by Babbar Gill, Siyasat is a very interesting movie as it has a romance with revenge. 

A son's love for his father and revengeful take of turns after his father's death is disparate and enthralling. This movie amplifies Punjabi cinema's worth.

There are more turns of events in this movie, making it more exciting to watch. You can watch on ZEE5 as long as you subscribe to this OTT platform.

The Scent and Beauty of the Flower- Siyasat's Cast and Crew

Siyasat's Director and writer, Babbar Gill, made an impactful movie by casting the best crews and actors for the roles. Siyasat is a must-watch Punjabi language drama and romantic film.

Siyasat's cast was very strongly planned, including Sukhwinder Raj as Sucha Singh, Suwinder Vicky as Tara Singh, Babbar Gill as Jora, Aman Rajput as Arjun Singh, Amit Antil as Wakila and Kiran Shergill as Simar.

The Storyline of Siyasat

Siyasat's movie plot shows a character, Jora, who seeks revenge on his uncle for his father's death. A son would do anything for his father, just like a father would do anything for his son. Jora's sister Simar seems to have different plans. Siyasat's movie builds up when things take a drastic turn; the uncles get Simar to marry a corrupt police officer.

What will Jora do now? Will Jora seek revenge? Quite a suspenseful story.

Siyasat Movie Cast Performance

Babbar Gill did an amazing job managing and directing a very amazing story. He also performed as the main lead Jora, who seeks revenge for his father's death. His wave of expressions and skills shown in this movie is quite commendable. Kiran Shergill, as Simar, also did a pretty good job. Overall, the cast put up a great work of art for Punjabi cinema lovers.

Siyasat Movie Release Date on OTT

Siyasat's release date is March 27, 2021, and available to stream on Zee5, an OTT platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Siyasat Movie

Q1. Where can we watch Siyasat?

Ans: Siyasat can be watched on ZEE5 by subscribing to this OTT platform.

Q2. What is the language used in Siyasat?

Ans: Siyasat is purely made in the Punjabi language.

Q3. What is the duration of Siyasat?

Ans: Siyasat is 1 hour 46 minutes 4 seconds long.

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