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1h 50m

Audio Languages :

Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi

Subtitles :


ACP Partha Saradhi investigates the murder of a billionaire's wife, Navya and arrests her husband, Rahul. Soon, the case takes a turn when secrets about Navya's past and family are revealed.

Details About S.I.T. Movie :

Movie Released Date
10 May 2024
  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Mystery
Audio Languages:
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • Arvind Krishna
  • Natasha Doshi
  • Rajath Raghav
  • Anil Rathod
  • Kaushik Mekala
  • Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy

Keypoints about S.I.T. :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 50m

2. Audio Languages: Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada,Hindi

S.I.T.: A Riveting Crime Drama Movie Now Streaming on ZEE5

S.I.T movie is a thrilling crime drama that delves into the high-stakes world of a Special Investigation Team (S.I.T.) as they tackle some of the most challenging cases. Now streaming on ZEE5, this film offers a captivating narrative filled with suspense, intrigue, and moral dilemmas. For fans of intense, character-driven stories that explore the complexities of justice and corruption, "S.I.T." is a must-watch.

Set in a bustling city, "S.I.T." follows a team of dedicated investigators as they work tirelessly to solve high-profile cases that test their skills and ethics. The movie's intricate plot and well-developed characters create a gripping viewing experience, making it a standout in the genre of crime dramas.

S.I.T. Movie Cast & Crew

The success of "S.I.T." is anchored by its exceptional cast and crew, whose combined talents bring this riveting story to life with authenticity and intensity.

S.I.T. Movie Cast

1. Vikram Gokhale - A veteran actor is known for his powerful performances, Vikram Gokhale plays a pivotal role in "S.I.T.". His portrayal of a seasoned investigator adds depth and gravitas to the film, making his character both compelling and relatable.
2. Sayaji Shinde - With his commanding presence, Sayaji Shinde delivers a standout performance. His character's journey through the investigation adds intrigue and suspense to the narrative.
3. Shishir Sharma - Shishir Sharma brings his extensive experience to the role, delivering a nuanced and impactful performance. His interactions with the team are crucial to the story's development.
4. Ganesh Yadav - Known for his versatile acting, Ganesh Yadav plays an integral role in "S.I.T.". His portrayal of a key character adds to the film's tension and drama.

S.I.T. Movie Crew

1. Director - The director of "S.I.T." has masterfully crafted a film that balances intense action with deep emotional moments. Their vision and attention to detail are evident in every scene, creating a compelling and immersive experience.
2. Writer - The screenplay, written with precision and insight, weaves together a complex narrative that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The writer's skill in creating suspense and developing rich characters is a highlight of the film.
3. Music Composer - The film's soundtrack, composed by a talented musician, enhances the mood and atmosphere of "S.I.T.". The music underscores the tension and drama, adding an additional layer of emotion to the story.
4. Cinematographer - The visual storytelling in "S.I.T." is brought to life by the cinematographer, whose skillful use of light and shadow captures the film's dark and gritty aesthetic.

S.I.T. Release Date on OTT

For those eagerly anticipating the release of "S.I.T.", the film is now available for streaming on ZEE5. The movie was released on the OTT platform on 10th May 2024, making it accessible to a wide audience keen to dive into its thrilling narrative. If you're searching for where to watch "S.I.T. movie online on ZEE5," your wait is over.

How to Watch S.I.T. Movie

To watch "S.I.T." on ZEE5, follow these straightforward steps:
1. Visit the ZEE5 website or download the ZEE5 app from your device's app store.
2. Sign up or log in to your ZEE5 account.
3. Use the search bar to find "S.I.T.".
4. Click on the movie title and start streaming.

Why You Should Watch S.I.T. Film?

"S.I.T." is more than just a crime drama; it is an exploration of the human condition and the pursuit of justice in a world riddled with moral ambiguities. The film's complex characters, engaging storyline, and intense action sequences make it a standout piece of cinema that will resonate with audiences who appreciate high-stakes drama and intricate narratives.

Whether you're a fan of crime dramas, character-driven stories, or films that offer a deep dive into the world of law enforcement, "S.I.T." is a must-watch. The movie's exploration of themes such as justice, loyalty, and the human spirit provides a thought-provoking and memorable viewing experience. The performances by Vikram Gokhale and Sayaji Shinde in "S.I.T." are particularly noteworthy, adding depth and intensity to the film.

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