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Sirf Tum

2h 41m

Audio Languages :


Genre :

Sirf Tum is a 1999 romance film starring Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Sushmita Sen, Simran Bagga, Jackie Shroff and others. Its a love triangle. A man and a woman who have never met start corresponding via letters and fall in love. The man's boss likes him but the man doesn’t see himself in a relationship with her. One day the pen pals comes face to face and become friends in real life also, without realizing that they actually know and like each other from their letters.

Details About Sirf Tum Movie :

Movie Released Date
30 Dec 1998
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Priya Gill
  • Sanjay Kapoor
  • Sushmita Sen
  • Agathiyan

Keypoints about Sirf Tum :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 41m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

Sirf Tum: An Unforgettable Romance

The 1998 romantic film Sirf Tum starred Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, and Sushmita Sen as the leads and showed an immense love triangle. Unknown to each other at first, a man and woman begin writing and developing feelings for each other. Even though the man's employer likes him, he does not envision himself as her partner. Unaware that they are already friends in real life, the pen pals meet up in person one day and discover how well they know and like one another.

Sirf Tum director Agathiyan directed this superb Hindi-language romantic drama. The movie was filmed in Houston, Nainital, and Kerala. 

Sirf Tum Movie Plot

Aarthi's (Priya Gill) educational credentials are found in a purse that Deepak Rai (played by Sanjay Kapoor) finds. He learns that the woman resides in Nainital and sends her belongings back. Nirmal, Aarthi's sister and brother-in-law are supportive to an extent. At the same time, Nirmal advises her to wed Mr. Prem, a well-known young businessman in his neighborhood.

One day, Aarthi sets off on her quest to find and meet Deepak without telling him where she is going. Due to a temporary employment agreement with his boss Neha (played by Sushmita Sen), he currently resides in Delhi. 

Neha, Deepak's supervisor, is attracted to them romantically. However, Deepak's affection for Aarthi is deep. Due to this, he resigns and, in a desperate attempt to make ends meet, begins to drive an auto-rickshaw at the urging of Pritam, a man he met in Delhi when he first arrived and whom he befriended because he respected him as a person and who assisted him when he did not have a place of his own.

Aarthi had given Deepak a wool jumper with a knitted-on depiction of a "lit Diya" during their contact a few months prior. When Aarthi reaches Delhi, she searches for Deepak's residence and place of employment to meet him there unannounced, surprise him, and learn more about him. 

After failing to locate Deepak for a week and realizing that time is running out, she decides to return. She arrives at the railway station and departs for home with sadness.

Aarthi had borrowed Deepak's car and had been riding with him the entire day when she hadn't realized it when her rickshaw broke down when she first arrived in Delhi. Someone unintentionally spills coffee on Deepak's shirt as he drops her off at the train station. Deepak takes off his shirt. When Aarthi hears it, she cries out his name, and they both realize one another and the fact that they have been searching for one another all along.

Pritam and Jency are beaming as they watch Aarthi and Deepak embrace as the film comes to a close.

Sirf Tum Movie Release Date on OTT

Sirf Tum's movie release date in theatres is June 4th, 1999 and available on Zee5 to stream..

Frequently Asked Questions About Sirf Tum Movie

Q1. Is the movie Sirf Tum a remake?

Ans: Kadhal Kottai, a Tamil film that won a national award, was remade in Hindi as Sirf Tum in 1999.

Q2. Where is the Sirf Tum shooting?

Ans: The film was shot in Houston, Kerala, and Nainital.

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