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Shubham is a 2006 Romance film starring Shivadwaj, Sangeetha and Lokanath.The story revolves around the Cable operator Venky who sees Priya in her house in the course of his professional duties and falls for her. Priya has three overprotective brothers who donot approve of Venky. A turn off table occurs when Venky loses mental stability and Preethi falls in love with him. The love story is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Details About Shubham Movie :

Movie Released Date
7 Apr 2006
  • Drama
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Kannada
  • Shivadhwaj
  • Sanjitha
  • Umesh
  • Loknath
  • Ravi R Garani

Keypoints about Shubham :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 18m

2. Audio Language: Kannada

About the movie Shubham: A heartbreaking romantic movie

Shubham is a Kannada romance movie about a cable operator named Venky who falls in love with a girl called Priya. She has lived in a totally different world until now with her three overprotective brothers. Venky kidnaps her upon knowing that her family has fixed her marriage. He runs away with Priya into a forest, where Priya gradually begins to understand his love for her. Venky falls sick, struck by a disease. Priya tries to save her, but the movie ends on a tragic note. 

Shubham movie release date on OTT

The Kannada movie Shubham movie was released across theatres on 7th April, 2006. Shubham is also streaming on OTT. 

Shubham movie plot

Shubham is a poignant romantic movie wherein the hero falls in a one-sided love affair with a girl. Venky is besotted by Priyanka who lives in a house close to his office where he works as a cable operator. Priyanka lives in the custody of her three overprotective brothers. Venky does everything to impress Priyanka, but when he realises he will not succeed in befriending her, he kidnaps her and takes her into a dense forest nearby. 

After some time, Priyanka begins to develop a liking for Venky. Just when everything seems to be falling in place, Venky falls sick with a disease. Priyanka tries to save him but the movie ends in a tragedy.  

Shubham movie cast and crew

The cast of the Shubham movie comprises Shivadwaj, Sanjitha, Mandya Ramesh, Lokanath, Kishore, and Pavitra Lokesh. Shivadwaj plays the lead role of Venky while Sanjitha plays the character of Priya in this drama flick

Shubham’s director is Ravi R Garani. He has also written the screenplay of this Kannada drama movie. Giri is the cinematographer, and the music is composed by Guru Kiran. M. R. Shetty is the producer of Shubham. 

Interesting facts about the movie Shubham 

1. C Ashwath received the Best Male Playback Singer award for the song “Aha Yuvraani”.

2. Sanjitha is a Mumbai-based actress who has given an enthralling performance in this movie.

FAQs About the Movie Shubham

Q1. Is Shubham the first film that Ravi R Garani has directed?

Ans Yes, Shubham is the debut film of director Ravi R Garani.

Q2. How many songs are there in Shubham?

Ans. There are a total of eight songs in the movie.

Q3 Who plays the villain’s role in Shubham?

Ans. Renowned actor Kishore plays the villain in the drama movie Shubham.

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