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Savings Account


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Abhimanyu Sen enters People's Welfare Bank and holds everyone hostage. He orders the DSP, Shaoni, to fulfil 8 tasks failing which he will start killing the hostages. Will the captured survive?

Details about Savings Account Movie :

Movie Released Date
11 Nov 2022
  • Crime
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Ankush Hazra
  • Sayantika Banerjee
  • Raja Chanda

Keypoints about Savings Account :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h

2. Audio Languages: Bengali

Savings Account- An Upcoming Crime-Thriller Bengali Movie

This Bengali crime and action movie with its upcoming OTT release might just blow your mind. If you love to predict endings, nail-biting suspense and a twisted plot, Savings Account movie will definitely try to take away the spot for your favourite movie.

Savings Account director Raja Chanda has directed many similar genre Bengali movies like Kidnap, Rangbaaz, Black, Harano Prapti, and Challenge 2. Savings Account movie release date is planned for the 11th of November 2022 on Zee5. The movie is rated U/A, the official trailer of the movie shows an intense thriller and tons of breathtaking situations.

Savings Account Movie Basic Details and Information

This movie will be exclusively released on Zee5. The Savings Account cast has not been revealed fully except for the lead roles. The lead male role will be performed by Ankush Hazra and the female lead will be performed by Sayantika Banerjee along with Paean Sarkar in the female support role. 

The Plot of Savings Account 

The movie surrounds the events happening inside a bank named Samaj Sebi Bank. A busy day in the bank turns into chaos when a man with his henchmen and loaded guns hijack the bank. The movie’s plot resembles a classic bank heist but with many twists and turns. The trailer of the movie “Savings Account movie” was launched on 2nd November 2022 when the plot was revealed partially.

On a beautiful morning just like any other, regular business at the bank begins. Suddenly, someone enters the bank with a pistol and takes possession of everything, causing chaos. The main male character, Abhimanyu Sen (played by Ankush Hazra), instructs the DSP Shaoni (played by Sayantika), to do his eight duties, failing which the bank hostages would be killed. Surprisingly, Abhimanyu was discovered to have love interests for DSP Shaoni. The film promises a fast-paced, cryptic narrative with surprising surprises. More information about the film will be revealed when it is scheduled to be released. 

Savings Account Cast Performance

Savings Account movie has a pretty familiar cast crew for the Bengali audience. We will see Ankush Hazra fulfilling the role of Abhimanyu aka the person who takes over the bank. We have seen Ankush Hazra in many movies where he was seen as the heroic protagonist as Akash in ‘Ki Kore Toke Bolbo’, Indrajit in ‘Magic’ and Romeo in ‘Romeo vs Juliet’. “You won’t see me as a typical hero in this film. I have tried to break my usual image”, said Ankush in an interview for the film’s promo.

We will also see the very beautiful Sayantika Banerjee as DSP Shaoni in this upcoming crime thriller.  “I have always been a fitness enthusiast and when I was offered the role I accepted it without any doubt”, an excited Sayantika announced in an interview. Sayantika is seen as a stern hot-shot DSP of West Bengal who handles this bank heist and maybe she will be seen in some nerve-wracking action sequences too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Savings Account Film

Q1. Has Savings Account been released yet?

Ans. No, the movie will release on 11th November 2022

Q2. Where will the Savings Account movie release?

Ans. Savings Account will be released exclusively on the Zee5 OTT platform.

Q3: Who is the director of the Savings Account?

Ans: Savings Account is directed by Raja Chanda.

Q4: What is the rating of Savings Account?

Ans: The film is rated U/A.

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