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Savarakathi is a 2018 Tamil black comedy movie starring Ram, Mysskin, and Poorna in the lead roles. When Pichaimoorthy, a barber, gets into a fight with Manga, a gangster, the latter vows to take revenge on Pichaimoorthy before sundown. What will Paichaimoorthy do to save himself?

Details About Savarakathi Movie :

Movie Released Date
9 Feb 2018
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Ram
  • Mysskin
  • Swathishta Krishnan
  • Poorna
  • Ashvatt
  • G. R. Adithya

Keypoints about Savarakathi :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 47m

2. Audio Language: Tamil

About the Movie Savarakathi: A Story of Bond, Love, and Struggle

Savarakathi is a movie that narrates the story of a barber who runs into a bunch of gangsters. While traveling on the road, a barber named Pichaimoorthy encounters dreaded gangsters and this leads to Ram running all over the city to save his life. Thisdrama film is about escape, struggle, and smart decisions.

Savarakathi Movie Release Date on OTT

The Tamil movie Savarakathi was released in theatres on 9th February 2018. It is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Savarakathi Movie Plot

Pichaimoorthy is forced by his wife Subathra to give her and the kids company as she is planning to visit her brother Raghu who has escaped with a girl. Subathra’s only motive is to get both the love birds married before the girl’s rich family uses its power and separates the couple. However, en route, Pichaimoorthy gets involved in an argument with a dreaded gangster Manga who has to go to prison before evening. The argument between the two turns ugly and in rage, Manga takes the vow to chop off Pichaimoorthy’s limbs before sunset. Pichaimoorthy who was on his way to help his brother-in-law is now left with no other option than to run all over the city to save his life from Manga. How will Pichaimoorthy save his life and will Manga fulfill his vow?

Savarakathi Movie Cast and Crew

The cast of the crime movie involves Ram as Pitchai Moorthy, Poorna as Subadhra, Mysskin as Mangeswaran, Ashvatt as Gautaman, Swathishta as Kayal, and Shaji Chen as Madman.The film was directed by G. R. Adithyaand produced by Mysskin. The writer of the movie is           Mysskin. The music for the movie was composed by Arrol Corelli. The film was edited by S. Julian and the cinematographer of the movie was Karthik Venkatraman. 

Interesting Facts about the Movie Savarakathi

1. The inspiration to write the story of the movie came to Mysskin from the real-life barber he knew.

2. During the initial phase, Ram refused the offer to play the role of a barber in the movie as he thought the role would hamper his image as a serious movie maker.

3. Poorna was finalized to play a leading role after six actresses didn’t accept the proposal to become a part of the movie.

4. To play the role, Adithya took inspiration from Mysskin’s mother and she even attended a 10-day workshop where she learned to speak Sivagangai slang.

FAQs about the Movie Savarakathi

Q1. Who has the audio rights for the soundtracks of Savarakathi?

Ans: U1 Records has the auditor rights to the soundtracks of Savarakathi.

Q2. Are there any instrumental tracks in the movie Savarakathi?

Ans: Yes, there are two featured songs and six instrumental tracks in the music album of Savarakathi.

Q3. Who gave a cameo appearance in the movie Savarakathi?

Ans: Shaji Chen has given a cameo appearance in the movie Savarakathi as the Madman.

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