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2h 28m

Audio Languages :


Satya is a Bhojpuri action romantic film starring Pawan Singh, Akshara Singh and Daya Shankar Pandey in the lead roles. It is directed by Sujeet Kumar Singh.

Details About Satya Movie :

Movie Released Date
9 Mar 2017
  • Action
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Bhojpuri
  • Pawan Singh
  • Akshra Singh
  • Umesh Singh
  • Sujeet Kumar Singh

Keypoints about Satya :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 28m

2. Audio Language: Bhojpuri

Satya - A Gripping Drama Action Movie 

Satya, released in 2017 as an Indian Bhojpuri film, revolves around the life of Satya, a local thug who works for an infamous and fearful gangster. Satya movie is the right amount of action and romance as the plot juggles the two themes. It tells the story of the lead protagonist, who is also struggling to maintain this balance in his life.

Satya Movie Basic Details

Satya Director, Sujeet Kumar Singh had a successful run with the film as it made a name in the local cinemas of the state. The director experimented with the themes in an attempt to widen the perception of the audience. The Satya movie release date is 10th March 2017. Satya cast Pawan Singh as the lead protagonist, Satya, and Akshra Singh as his love interest, Sapna. Daya Shankar Pandey is in the role of the infamous gangster Tabrez Ansari, Anu Upadhyay as Muskan, Bipin Singh as Lalan Tiwary, Umesh Singh as Chhottan Tiwary, and Brijesh Tripathi as Satya's father. The screenplay is written by Veeru Thakur, who did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life, and the production is by Gajanand Chauhan and Radhe Shyam Lohar.

Conventional but Interesting Satya Movie Plot

Satya movie is a drama action film that revolves around the romance of the lead actors. Forbidden love is one of the major themes of Indian cinema, which is why the plot keeps a clasping grip on the audience throughout the movie. Satya, the movie's lead protagonist, is a young man working for an infamous and scary gangster named Tabrez Ansari. 

Throughout the movie, he falls in love with Sapna, a beautiful woman, and plans to marry her. However, the number of enemies in his line of business is significant, and thus ensues a series of wicked plans put in place by them to take advantage of his weakness.

Satya Movie Lead Cast Performance

Satya's cast comprises talented actors known for their hard work and dedication. The lead form was impeccable throughout the film and left a lasting impression on the audience. The audience turnout for the movie in the local theaters was also surprising yet very welcome. Pawan Singh as Satya and Daya Shankar Pandey as Tabrez Ansari delivered an excellent job of expressing the angry emotions required in the movie while keeping it natural. Akshra Singh as Sapna also portrayed a character true to the role.

Satya Movie Release Date on OTT

The Satya Movie Release Date is March 10th, 2017, and available to stream on Zee5, an OTT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Satya Movie

Q1. When was the Satya movie released?

Ans: Satya was released on 10th March 2017.

Q2. Who composed the background music for Satya?

Ans: Chhote Baba composed the background music for Satya.

Q3. In what languages is the dubbed version of Satya available?

Ans: Satya is a Bhojpuri movie also available in Hindi.

Q4. Who are the singers in the Satya movie?

Ans: Pawan Singh and Hunny B are the singers for the soundtrack of Satya.

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