2h 35m

Sarkarnama is a 1998 Marathi political drama film starring Ajinkya Deo, Dilip Prabhavalkar and Yashwant Dutt. Vishwas is in charge of a chawl which has been given a notice of vacate as it is not safe to live there. CM Uttamrao asks Vishwas to hand over the chawl administrative file and Vishwas away for some work. Vishwas learns the chawl has collapsed and his file goes missing. He realises CM Uttamrao is up to no good. A jobless Vishwas tries his best get back his file to prove his innocence.

Details About Sarkarnama Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Jan 2008
  • Crime
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Makarand Anaspure
  • Ajinkya Deo
  • Ashwini Bhave
  • Anand Abhyankar
  • Ashutosh Gowariker
  • Shrabani Deodhar

Keypoints about Sarkarnama :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 35m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

About the Movie Sarkarnama: Power Unleashed, Secrets Revealed

Sarkarnama is a Marathi movie about corrupt practices, power struggles, and moral dilemmas in politics as seen through the eyes of a young, aspiring politician. The movie received critical acclaim for the sterling performance of the cast in showcasing the reality of the political landscape.

Sarkarnama Movie Release Date on OTT

The drama film Sarkarnama was released across cinema halls on 1st January 1998. It is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Sarkarnama Movie Plot

This Marathi drama film focuses on political corruption and daily issues, highlighting how political leaders accumulate wealth and gain support. Vishwas Salunkhe, a municipal assistant commissioner in Mumbai, is given the daunting task of evacuating dilapidated chawl buildings. He remains determined to perform his duty despite resistance from the chawl dwellers and owners.

Chief Minister Uttamrao Deshmukh, who has a strong influence on the chawl owners, takes notice of Salunkhe’s efforts. He assigns Salunkhe to handle civil work in his future daughter-in-law’s village. However, here too, Salunkhe encounters opposition from residents whose ancestral land is being sold for power supply infrastructure, rendering them jobless.

While Salunkhe is away, the Saptatara buildings collapse, prompting him to return to Mumbai. He discovers that the case file has disappeared from the CM’s office, but a copy is kept at the bungalow where the CM’s son’s marriage is taking place.

During a news coverage, a journalist named Subodh Gore observes suspicious activities. Events unfold rapidly as the CM’s daughter-in-law is kidnapped by her boyfriend and a rival minister protests by slaughtering sheep near a Ganesh Mandir. 

The movie focuses on the necessity of honesty and integrity in politics and calls out to individuals to stand up and fight corruption.

Sarkarnama Movie Cast and Crew

The main cast of this Marathi crime film includes Ajinkya Deo, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Yashwant Dutt, Milind Gunaji, and Ashwini Bhave. Prominent roles are enacted by Ravi Boratkar, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Prateeksha Lonkar, Jagdish Patankar, Upendra Limaye, Anand Abhyankar, Yatin Karyekar, and Makarand Anaspure, among others.

Sarkarnama is directed by Shrabani Deodhar and written and produced by Ajey Jhankar, while the music is composed by Anand Modak.

Interesting Facts About the Movie Sarkarnama 

1. Actor Yashwant Dutt had to shoot most of his scenes in this crime film while seated as he was feeling incredibly weak at the time.

2. The shooting of Sarkarnama was wrapped up in five months.

3. Director Shrabani Deodhar wanted to have Yashwant Dutt’s voice dubbed given his deteriorating health condition, but she couldn’t find an artist who matched his voice.

4. Yashwant  Dutt told her he would not die before finishing her film. He passed away two days after completing his dubbing.

FAQs About the Movie Sarkarnama 

Q1. Is the movie Sarkarnama an adaptation?

The film Sarkarnama is based on a book by Ajay Shankar.

Q2. Did the movie receive any awards?

Sarkarnama received three awards, including the 1998 Filmfare Award, Screen Award, and Maharashtra State Film Award, and was also nominated for the V. Shantaram Award.

Q3. Is Sarkarnama the last movie of Ashutosh Gowarikar as an actor before he moved into directing?

Yes, Ashutosh Gowarikar started his journey as a film director after acting in Sarkarnama.