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1h 9m

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The film follows the stories of Chaandi, a transgender, and Kaali, a widow, who decide to defy social rules to become lovers. Will they find peace and respect in a world that ignores their identities?

Details about Safed Movie :

Movie Released Date
29 Dec 2023
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Abhay Verma
  • Meera Chopra
  • Barkha Bisht
  • Chhaya Kadam
  • Jameel Khan
  • Sandeep Singh

Keypoints about Safed :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 9m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Safed Explores Unconventional Relationships 

Safed is a Hindi drama film released in 2023, which was both written and directed by Sandeep Singh. Additionally, Sandeep Singh took on the role of producer for the film. The cast for Safed movie includes Meera Chopra, Abhay Verma, Barkha Bisht, and Jameel Khan. The Hindi drama movie made its debut on the streaming platform ZEE5 Global on December 29, 2023.

Safed Hindi Movie: The Love Story of a Widow & Eunuch

The movie revolves around the poignant and solitary existence of a widow and a eunuch, both navigating lives marred by abandonment and societal disapproval. Within the narrative, the widow grapples with the loss of her partner, navigating a world that often overlooks or marginalizes her due to her marital status. Similarly, the eunuch faces exclusion and discrimination owing to their gender identity, struggling to find acceptance in a society that fails to understand or accommodate their identity.

Through their shared experiences and genuine affection for one another, they redefine the meaning of companionship and love, challenging the norms and prejudices that sought to confine them to the fringes of society. Ultimately, the film delicately portrays the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, showcasing how genuine connections and understanding can thrive even in the most marginalized and overlooked corners of society.

Safed Movie Cast

Safed features Meera Chopra as Kaali, Abhay Verma as Chaandi, Barkha Bisht as Radha, Chhaya Kadam as Amma and Jameel Khan as Guru Maa, among others.

Watch Safed Full Movie Online On ZEE5

The Hindi movie received an IMDb rating of 5.5/10. You can watch Safed full movie online on ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions For Safed

Q1. What is Safed movie about?

Ans. The story revolves around a widow and a eunuch, who face abandonment and societal rejection. Despite the pervasive rejection they face from the world around them, they discover solace in each other's company.

Q2. Which genre does Safed belong to?

Ans. Safed is a Hindi drama movie.

Q3. Who are the lead actors in Safed?

Ans. The film features Meera Chopra, Abhay Verma, Barkha Bisht, Chhaya Kadam and Jameel Khan in primary roles.

Q4. Where to watch the movie?

Ans. The drama movie Safed is available to stream on ZEE5.

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