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2h 31m

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Rockstar is a 2011 romantic drama starring Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Aditi Rao Hydari, Kumud Mishra, Piyush Mishra and Shammi Kapoor. Janardhan aspires to be a Rockstar and believes that pain and suffering gets the best out of an artist. In order to get his heart broken, he proposes Heer, the most beautiful girl in Delhi University.

Details about Rockstar Movie :

Movie Released Date
22 Mar 2018
  • Tragedy
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Nargis Fakhri
  • Shammi Kapoor
  • Piyush Mishra
  • Kumud Mishra
  • Vishwas Paandya

Keypoints about Rockstar :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 31m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Rockstar: A Symphony of Love, Loss, and Music

Rockstar is a 2011 Indian musical romantic drama directed by Imtiaz Ali. It is a mesmerizing tale that weaves together love, passion, and the pursuit of stardom. Starring the dynamic duo of Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, the film takes viewers on a poignant journey through the life of Janardhan 'JJ' Jakhar, a dreamer who aspires to be a rockstar. With a stellar supporting cast and an incredible soundtrack by the legendary A. R. Rahman, Rockstar captured hearts worldwide. Now, fans can relive the magic as the film is available for streaming on ZEE5, providing global audiences with a chance to experience the emotional rollercoaster that is Rockstar.

Rockstar Movie Plot: The Bittersweet Story of Love

Rockstar unravels the story of Janardhan Jakhar aka 'JJ', a spirited youth from Delhi whose dreams soar beyond the ordinary. JJ has always aspired to be a rockstar just like his idol, the legendary Jim Morrison. As he embarks on this musical journey, JJ dabbles in heartbreak, melodies, and the spirited Heer Kaul. Their unconventional friendship blossoms amidst daring adventures, but destiny leads Heer to another life. As JJ transforms into the formidable "Jordan," fame and bitterness intertwine, culminating in a tale of love, loss, and the pursuit of artistic glory. The film paints a vivid picture of the complexities of life, art, and the ever-lasting power of music.

Rockstar Movie Cast: Ranbir Kapoor’s Rocking Performance

Ranbir Kapoor delivers a once-in-a-lifetime performance as Janardhan Jakhar aka 'JJ', effortlessly embodying the passionate spirit of a budding rockstar. His portrayal of JJ's transformation into the enigmatic Jordan is nothing short of mesmerizing. Nargis Fakhri's portrayal of Heer Kaul exudes a captivating blend of vulnerability and strength, complementing Kapoor's intensity with grace. The supporting cast, including the late Shammi Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Piyush Mishra, contribute to the film's emotional depth, making Rockstar a true ensemble masterpiece.

Watch Rockstar Full Movie Online On ZEE5

Fans of the genre as well as of Ranbir Kapoor can now rejoice as Rockstar is available for streaming on ZEE5, ensuring global audiences can relish this cinematic gem. With its compelling storyline, stellar performances, and soul-stirring music, Rockstar promises an immersive viewing experience for audiences worldwide. Don't miss the chance to witness the magic of JJ's journey to become the legendary Jordan, streaming now on ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rockstar Movie

Q1. What is Rockstar the movie about?

Ans: Rockstar follows the life of Janardhan Jakhar aka 'JJ', a dreamer from Delhi who aspires to become a rockstar. His journey is marked by love, heartbreak, and the pursuit of artistic glory, ultimately leading him to transform into the enigmatic Jordan.

Q2. Is Rockstar movie a remake?

Ans: No, Rockstar is an original Indian film directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Q3. In which language is Rockstar released?

Ans: The movie Rockstar was released in Hindi and is now available to stream on ZEE5 with English subtitles.

Q4. Who is the director of Rockstar?

Ans: The film Rockstar is directed by the talented Indian filmmaker, Imtiaz Ali.

Q5. What genre does Rockstar belong to?

Ans: Rockstar falls under the genre of musical romantic drama.

Q6. Is the Rockstar movie suitable for children/teens?

Ans: The film is rated for a general audience, but parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers due to some mature themes in the film.

Q7. Where can I watch Rockstar?

Ans: You can watch Rockstar online on ZEE5 as the OTT platform offers access to the global audience to watch this captivating cinematic experience.

Q8. What are the reviews of Rockstar the movie?

Ans: Rockstar movie reviews were majorly positive. Ranbir Kapoor's performance was highly praised by one and all. A. R. Rahman's soundtrack was another gem on the crown of this film. Rockstar is appreciated even today for its emotional depth and intensity.

Q9. What is the IMDb rating of the Rockstar movie?

Ans: As of September 2023, Rockstar holds an impressive IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10 which clearly reflects the positive reviews received by this Imtiaz Ali film.

Q10. Where can I watch the trailer of Rockstar?

Ans: You can watch the official trailer of Rockstar on the ZEE5 app and website as well as on YouTube.

Q11. Who is the Music Composer of the Rockstar movie?

Ans: The captivating soundtrack of Rockstar is composed by the legendary A. R. Rahman. Meanwhile, the talented Mohit Chauhan has lent his voice as Jordan for the entire film.

Q12. Has the Rockstar movie won any awards?

Ans: Yes, Rockstar received numerous awards and nominations, including 5 Filmfare Awards, 6 Global Indian Music Academy Awards, and 6 International Indian Film Academy Awards, among others.

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