2h 24m

Rashmi is a 1994 Kannada movie starring Abhijith, Shruthi, Thimmaiah, and H V Prakash. The story revolves around Rajavardhan, an IAS officer, who falls in love with Rashmi, a widow, who works in the same office. However, an unexpected incident triggers Rashmi to hate Rajavardhan. Will the lovers tide over this tough time?

Details About Rashmi Movie :

Movie Released Date
19 Sep 1994
  • Drama
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Kannada
  • Shruthi
  • Abhijith
  • Sindhu Menon
  • K V Jayaram

Keypoints about Rashmi :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 24m

2. Audio Language: Kannada

Rashmi- A Kannada Must-Watch

A 1994 Indian Kannada film Rashmi is a drama and romantic film which revolves around Rajavardhan who is an IAS officer and falls in love with Rashmi. Rashmi is a widow who works in the same office as Rajavardhan. This 2-hour 24 minutes long drama movie brings a series of events that results in the ever-changing relationship of Rashmi and Rajavardhan. The movie is an easy watch with a hint of humour that keeps it light and breezy without making the audience get bored. 

Rashmi Movie Basic Details

The movie Rashmi Cast includes Abhijith, Shruthi, Thimmaiah, H V Prakash, Gangadhar,  Nagesh Mayya, Prashanth, Manjaiah, Dr Sajjan, Shankar Bhat, Chandru Pavagada, Ramachandra, Bhagyashree in lead roles. Rashmi Director as well as the producer was K V Jayaram.

Rashmi Movie Release Date was September 19 1994 and the music of the Rashmi film was given by Aghasthya. The movie is available to stream on Zee5. 

Rashmi Movie Plot

The movie Rashmi starring Shruthi, Thimmaiah, Abhijith, and H V Prakash is a romantic drama of 1994. The storyline revolves around an IAS officer namely Rajavardhan who falls in love with his colleague named Rashmi. The only problem that arises between Rajavardhan and Rashmi is that Rashmi is a widow and falling in love with a widow is not considered as an ethical situation in a society of backward people.

The movie depicts the struggles a widow faces in her life after her husband's demise and how a single working woman now has to deal with society by acting up to their expectations. The movie also provides twists and turns in the love-hate relationship of Rajavardhan and Rashmi as they appear to have conflicts in the workplace resulting in Rashmi hating Rajavardhan.

The movie provides enough of the drama blended with a romantic setting with infused comedy that holds the audience from the beginning to the end of the movie without getting distracted. The movie is easy to watch and understand as it showcases many of the generic problems that occur in the lives of widows as well as the people who might want to give another chance to the widows. 

The Rashmi Movie release date on OTT 

The Rashmi Movie’s release date is 15th October 2021, and is available to stream on ZEE5, an OTT platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Rashmi Movie

Q1. When was the movie released?

Ans: Rashmi movie was released on September 19, 1994.

Q2. Was the movie dubbed in any other language?

Ans: No, but it is available on Zee5 with english subtitles.

Q3. Which actor played the role of Rashmi?

Ans: Shruthi played the role of Rashmi in the film.