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1h 43m

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The victim of a brutal gang rape decides to face society head-on while fighting a legal battle demanding justice.

Details About Ranganayaki Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Nov 2019
  • Drama
  • Crime
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Aditi Prabhudeva
  • MG Srinivas
  • Trivikram Srinivas
  • Dayal Padmanabhan

Keypoints about Ranganayaki :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 43m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

Ranganayaki: A gritty and thought-provoking film about battling social stigma and perseverance

Ranganayaki is a Kannada-language film that is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan. It tells the tale of a happy-go-lucky teacher, who is also the titular character of the film, who is on the verge of starting a new life with a fellow educator from the same institution who she sees as the love of her life. As things seemingly start to take a turn for the better for her, an unexpected traumatic and horrific event temporarily puts a wrench in her plans for the future.

However, the event in question only motivates her to fight back against the people who brought her the trauma. But in order to do so, she will have to overcome several societal obstacles. Ranganayaki is about passion and grit and serves as a guide for victims of sexual assault.

This film has an impressive cast list, the members of whom serve their individual functions effectively and in the most poignant way. Several Ranganayaki movie reviews online have praised the drama for its compelling plot and impactful dialogues, as well as its music score.

Ranganayaki movie cast

The Ranganayaki movie cast list is made up of Aditi Prabhudeva as the titular character, Trivikram Srinivas as her life partner Mahadev, and Srinivas MG as her husband, Krishnamurthy. The supporting cast of the film is made up of Shruthi Nayak, Suchendra Prasad, Lasya Nagaraj, Shivaram, and Sundar Raj. Additionally, there are several other cast members who play minor yet impactful roles in the movie.

Ranganayaki movie plot

Ranganayaki (Prabhudeva) is a happy-go-lucky educator who lives life to the fullest, one day at a time. The primary romantic angle involves her and her partner, Mahadev, who also teaches at the same educational institution. Sparks fly all over and love is in the air, and Ranganayaki is planning to start a new life with Mahadev in the middle of it all while planning a separation from her current husband, Krishnamurthy. But, as destiny had it, she became subjected to a horrific event of sexual assault by people she never imagined would bring her trauma.

However, in spite of preparing and succumbing to the inevitable victim-shaming, she decides to plan to bring her perpetrators to justice. In a wholesome turn of events, she finds an ally in Krishnamurthy while going through the ordeal. Thus begins her quest for revenge and justice, an endeavor that also has hurdles such as the social stigma surrounding the nature of the crime she has been a victim of and being a virgin.

In a parallel story, we meet a colleague of our protagonist, Jhansi (Lasya), who too has been a victim of sexual violence. But, unlike Ranganayaki, she succumbs to the horror of it all by taking a drastic step. This incident, which is reminiscent of the real-life 2012 case of Nirbhaya, motivates Ranganayaki to go full throttle.

Ranganayaki movie release date

If you are wondering, ‘Where can I watch Ranganayaki movie online?’, the answer is on ZEE5 itself. The film was released on November 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ranganayaki

Q1. Who is the director of Ranganayaki?

Ans. Dayal Padmanabhan is the writer and director of Ranganayaki. The screenplay for the film has been adapted from Padmanabhan’s own novel of the same name.

Q2. Who composed the music for Ranganayaki?

Ans. Manikanth Kadri composed the music for Ranganayaki. He has worked on the music for several Kannada films.

Q3. What is the Ranganayki movie’s IMDb rating?

Ans. Ranganayaki has an IMDb rating of 8.2.

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