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2h 25m

Audio Languages :


Genre :

Panchayat is a 2013 Bhojpuri action drama movie starring Virat Bhatt, Kajal Raghvani and Tanushree Chatterjee in the lead.

Panchayat Trailers

Panchayat | Trailer

Panchayat | Trailer

Details about Panchayat Movie :

Movie Released Date
6 Sep 2013
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Bhojpuri
  • Viraj Bhatt
  • Tanushree Chatterjee
  • Kajal Raghwani
  • Firoz Khan

Keypoints about Panchayat :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 25m

2. Audio Languages: Bhojpuri

Panchayat: A depiction of rural reality

Panchayat is a full-on Bhojpuri drama with all the spice you need to get entertained through and through. The protagonist (played by Viraj Bhatt) in the movie is a daring character who can combat anyone to save people from injustice. The storyline has a quintessential village drama depicted in a beautiful village setup. It shows how the panchayat keeps many problems of the villages under cover, not being revealed to the rest of the society.

Panchayat director, Firoz Khan has kept the sequences raw and portrayed the movie just how the Bhojpuri audience loves it. In this film, you can find an amalgamation of drama, emotions, action, and fights against evil.

Panchayat Basic Details

The Panchayat movie release date was 9th August 2013. The audience of Bihar and Jharkhand recalls this movie as a complete package of action entertainment. Gunwant Sen directs the music of this movie, and Ashok Sinha writes the lyrics. The songs of this film will take you to the lands of Bihar, as it has an incredible amount of local influence. M. Imtiaz khan produced the movie, and Firoz Khan, the director himself, wrote it.

Panchayat Plot

Panchayat movie starts with an action sequence where the famous Bhojpuri actor, Virat Bhatt, is seen fighting some goons in his village. It shows his life in his town and how he leads his life with his family. He is seen romancing Tanushree Chatterjee in a typical natural setup like that of a Bollywood song. 

Then comes the harsh reality of a Panchayat sabha and the consequences the villagers face due to the ruling Panchayat Sabha members. But the protagonist is seen always going against all odds and taking the right side. Unfortunately, the village's evil is way more than reasonable. Will the protagonist be able to bring happiness to his family and the town? To discover it, watch Panchayat on Zee5.  

The Performance of the Lead Cast

Panchayat cast has many known Bhojpuri faces, among which Vikram Bhatt and Tanushree Chatterjee play the lead roles. The supporting and villainous roles have been portrayed by actors like Kajal Raghwani, Manoj Tiger, and Ravi Singh, among many others. All the actors in this Bhojpuri film have done a decent job. Vikram Bhatt stole the show with his power-packed performance showing many different sides in this movie. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Panchayat the Bhojpuri movie, released?

Ans: Panchayat was released on 9th August 2013. 

Q2. Who is the protagonist in Panchayat, the Bhojpuri film?

Ans: Vikram Bhatt played the protagonist in the Bhojpuri film Panchayat. 

Q3: Is the Bhojpuri movie Panchayat available online?

Ans: Yes, you can watch the Bhojpuri movie Panchayat on Zee5. 

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