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Night Fare

1h 17m

Audio Languages :


Two friends reunite in Paris after long only to get into a taxi ride that turns bizarre. The driver takes them on a horrifying ride that eventually results in a manhunt and the revelation of a cult.

Details About Night Fare Movie :

Movie Released Date
13 Jan 2016
  • Thriller
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Jonathan Howard
  • Jonathan Demurger
  • Fanny Valette
  • Jean-Francois Lenogue
  • Jess Liaudin
  • Julien Seri

Keypoints about Night Fare :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 17m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

Night Fare- An Action Thriller Film 

Night Fare is a French movie dubbed in Hindi, and follows the story of two old friends who meet up in Paris only to go on a strange cab adventure. They are taken on a terrifying ride by the driver, which finally leads to a hunt. The movie offers a unique and compelling take on the city's dark side. Night Fare is a psychological thriller that explores the themes of friendship, loyalty and the supernatural.

This action movie is directed by Julien Seri and produced by Pascal Sid, Raphael Cohen and Paul Mignot.

Night Fare Movie Cast

The movie's cast includes Jonathan Howard as Chris, Jonathan Demurger as Luc, Fanny Valette as Ludivine, Jean-Francois Lenogue as Dimitri, Jess Liaudin as The Driver and other famous actors.

The Adventurous Plot Of Night Fare Movie    

Night Fare, a thriller movie, starts with Chris (played by Jonathan Howard), who arrives in Paris again after 2 years only to find his ex-girlfriend Ludivine (played by Fanny Valette) and his friend Luc (played by Jonathan Demurger) are now together. Chris talks to Ludivine during a party that Luc brings them to. She claims she has moved on from him and recalls how he departed without giving any reason. She leaves early. Chris is upset and decides to leave the party as well. 

Luc follows him and tries to get him to go to another party. Luc recommends that they should break into a car as they stumble through Paris while intoxicated. Chris declines and advises taking a taxi in its place. In the vehicle, Luc snorts cocaine, upsetting Chris even more. They are uneasy because the driver doesn't respond and is silent the entire time. Luc says that he needs to use an ATM to get money. Chris apologises before leaving the cab and joining Luc.

Luc says he has a lot of cash and declines to pay out of the blue. Once more, the driver spots them and follows them into Paris. Luc leads them to a violent mobster named Detox because he is angry and reluctant to call the police. Luc asserts that the cab driver stole the money he owed to Detox. Despite Chris and Luc's caution that the driver is nearby, the cops arrest them for the massacre.

After saving an injured police officer, Luc and Chris drive away in his car into a nearby park. They become anxious after the officer passes away since they have no more witnesses to link the motorist to the crime. They engage in a drawn-out battle until confessing what occurred two years earlier. Chris and Luc tormented a homeless man while imitating urinating when they were intoxicated. They thrashed him when he retaliated, unintentionally setting him on fire and killing him.

They talk about the likelihood that the driver is punishing them because they are somehow aware of this. Ludivine calls Luc to report that the driver has abducted her and taken her to a building. Chris attempts to save Ludivine but is beaten back by the driver.

Chris implores the driver to let Ludivine go. Luc gets in the taxi, confident that he will be shot. He is shocked to find himself in an unclothed detention cell. Luc accepts the driver's invitation to join his secret club after coming to terms with the fact that he has also led a selfish life. Eventually, the driver lets Luc off in the midst of a violent robbery after practising with him, allowing him to prevent it on his own.

Night Fare Movie Release Date on OTT

The Night Fare movie release date on OTT ZEE5 is December 16, 2022, and January 13, 2016, in the cinema. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Night Fare Movie

Q1. What is the running time of the Night Fare Movie?

Ans. The running time of the Night Fare movie is 77 minutes.

Q2. Who has written the story of the Night Fare movie?

Ans. Wahid Tarubi Mosta has written the story of the Night Fare movie.

Q3. Who has done the editing of the Night Fare movie?

Ans. Nathalie Safir has done the editing of the movie.

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