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2h 42m
Audio Languages :
Subtitles :


Mersal is a 2017 Tamil action thriller film starring Vijay, Samantha Akkineni, Kajal Aggarwal and Nitya Menen. Maaran, a doctor and Vettri, a magician come together avenge their father’s death and to expose the corruption that persists in India's medical industry.

Details About Mersal Movie :

Movie Released Date
18 Oct 2017
  • Action
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Vijay
  • Kajal Aggarwal
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu
  • Sathyaraj
  • Vadivelu
  • Atlee

Keypoints about Mersal :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 42m

2. Audio Language: Tamil

Mersal: A Thrilling Tale of Revenge, Magic, and Medical Corruption

Step into the world of Mersal, a 2017 Tamil-language action thriller that revolves around the fight against medical corruption. Crafted with passion by director Atlee and co-writers V. Vijayendra Prasad and S. Ramana Girivasan, this film brings together a powerful story to the viewers. Led by Thalapathy Vijay in a triple role, the film boasts of an incredible ensemble including S. J. Suryah, Sathyaraj, Vadivelu, Nithya Menen, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and more. Along with a compelling narrative, Mersal also earned critical acclaim for its strong social message, exceptional performances, and the amazing soundtrack by A. R. Rahman. It emerged as a commercial hit, leaving an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Let’s take a look at Mersal’s storyline, cast, and how to watch it online on ZEE5.

Mersal Movie Plot: An Entertaining Thriller

Mersal revolves around Dr. V. Maaran, a medical professional who offers treatment to the needy at a nominal cost of ₹5. However, he’s soon arrested for the murders of other medical professionals. Enter Vetri, a magician driven by vengeance against corrupt doctors responsible for his family's tragic past. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, identities are swapped, and a relentless pursuit of justice ensues, unveiling a shocking web of medical crimes and greed.

Mersal Movie Cast:Thalapathy at his best!

The film boasts an ensemble cast that delivers stellar performances, bringing depth and intensity to their respective roles. Thalapathy Vijay is a force of nature as he takes on three distinct characters, showcasing his versatility as an actor. S. J. Suryah's portrayal of the menacing Dr. Daniel Arokiyaraj is both chilling and compelling. Nithya Menen, Kajal Aggarwal, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu add depth to the narrative with their nuanced performances. Vadivelu, as Vadivu, provides comic relief while maintaining emotional resonance.

Watch Mersal Full Movie Online On ZEE5

Mersal is now available for streaming on ZEE5, providing audiences all over the world an opportunity to experience this cinematic masterpiece from the comfort of their homes. Get your popcorn and dive into the world of Mersal. Witness the gripping narrative, powerful performances, and awe-inspiring magic of this cinematic gem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mersal Movie

Q1. What is the Mersal movie about?

Ans: Mersal movie is about Dr. V. Maaran, a benevolent doctor accused of murdering medical professionals and Vetri, a vengeful magician, who seeks justice against corrupt doctors. The story reveals hidden truths and a web of medical crimes.

Q2. Is the Mersal movie a remake?

Ans: No, Mersal is an original creation, not a remake of any previous film. It is a unique story crafted by the talented team of Atlee, V. Vijayendra Prasad, and S. Ramana Girivasan.

Q3. In which language is the Mersal movie released?

Ans: Mersal is a Tamil-language film that is now available to stream globally on ZEE5. 

Q4. Who is the director of the Mersal movie?

Ans: The visionary director behind Mersal is Atlee, known for his knack for crafting engaging narratives with films like Jawan, Theri, and others.

Q5. What genre does the Mersal movie belong to?

Ans: Mersal belongs to the action thriller genre, combining elements of suspense, drama, and a powerful social message.

Q7. Is the Mersal movie suitable for children/teens?

Ans: While Mersal addresses important social issues, it contains intense scenes and themes that may not be suitable for very young audiences. Parental guidance is advised.

Q8. Where can I watch the Mersal movie?

Ans: You can stream Mersal on the ZEE5 global, which provides a convenient way to enjoy this blockbuster film from the comfort of your home.

Q9. What are the Mersal movie reviews?

Ans: Mersal received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised its performances, direction, music, and social message, while some noted the film's lengthy runtime and familiar plot elements. Nevertheless, the film was loved and appreciated by the audience which was evident from the box office numbers.

Q10. What is the IMDb rating of this Mersal movie?

Ans: As of September 2023, Mersal had an impressive IMDb rating of 7.5 out of 10. This indicates a strong sense of appreciation among the audience.

Q11. Where can I watch the trailer of the Mersal movie?

Ans: You can watch the official trailer of Mersal on the ZEE5 app and website as well as on YouTube.

Q12. Who is the Music Composer of the Mersal movie?

Ans: The incredible music for Mersal was composed by the legendary A. R. Rahman, adding depth and emotion to the film's narrative. It was an out-and-out A. R. Rahman musical.

Q13 Has the Mersal movie won any awards?

Ans: Mersal garnered a multitude of awards and nominations, including recognition at the Filmfare Awards South, Vijay Awards, and South Indian International Movie Awards, among others. Notably, it also received the Best Foreign Film award at the National Film Awards UK. Meanwhile, Vijay bagged the Best International Actor award at the International Achievement Recognition Award UK.

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