1h 48m

Marmabandh is a 2010 marathi drama starring Girish Pardeshi, Kshitij Zarapkar, Mrunal Deshpande and others. Jayvant plays female characters on Marathi stage in Portugal ruled Goa. Financial compulsions make him take a job in Bombay as a technician in a film processing lab. After an argument with his employer he returns to theatre in Goa, leading to a conflict in his marriage. One day an argument between his wife and him ends in accidental death of his wife. Jayvant is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Details About Marmabandh Movie :

Movie Released Date
26 Feb 2010
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Nandu Madhav
  • Girish Pardeshi
  • Dinesh P. Bhonsle

Keypoints about Marmabandh :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 48m

2. Audio Language: Marathi