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Main Aur Charles

1h 52m

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An honest police officer launches a massive manhunt for Charles, a charming conman and serial killer, after he escapes from a high-security jail.

Details about Main Aur Charles Movie :

Movie Released Date
30 Oct 2015
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Randeep Hooda
  • Richa Chadha
  • Adil Hussain
  • Alexx O'Nell
  • Lucky Morani
  • Prawaal Raman

Keypoints about Main Aur Charles :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 52m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

About the Movie Main Aur Charles: A Game of Lies and Deceit

Main aur Charles is a crime movie that revolves around Charles Sobhraj, a seductive and psychopathic serial killer known as the 'bikini killer,' who cons and murders his victims across Southeast Asia. After escaping to India, he stages a jailbreak with the help of inmates and Mira, a law student. Indian cop Amod Kanth unravels the mystery behind Charles's conviction. 

Main Aur Charles Movie Release Date on OTT

The drama film Main aur Charles was released in theatres on 30th October 2015. It is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Main Aur Charles Movie Plot

The thriller movie centres around the protagonist, Charles Sobhraj, a psychopathic serial killer His strategy include gaining his victims' trust, engaging in relationships with them, and then snatching their passports and cash. Charles successfully woos countless women with his charm and charisma, who stay unaware of his true nature until it is too late. Charles' scheme is a jailbreak plot from Tihar Jail, one of India's most renowned prisons. He enlists the assistance of other detainees including Mira, a criminal law student. Meanwhile, Amod Kanth, an Indian police officer, takes up Charles' case. Amod becomes determined to learn the truth behind Charles' convictions, which leads him down a path filled with research and discovery. Throughout the movie, we see Charles' exploits as he not only escapes from maximum-security prisons but also manipulates the legal system to his benefit. 

Main Aur Charles Movie Cast and Crew

In the Hindi movie, the lead roles were played by Randeep Hooda as Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh as Charles Sobhraj / Zubin Pratap, Richa Chadha as Mira Sharma (Charles's girlfriend), Adil Hussain as Amod Kanth, Dijana Dejanovic as Charles's Lawyer, Alexx O'Nell as Richard Thomas, Mandana Karimi as Liz, Shaanti as Princess Malvika, Vipin Sharma as Satender Kumar (Jailor), Lucky Morani as Dr. Ashima Mehra, Nandu Madhav as Inspector Sudhakar Zhende. The film was directed by Prawaal Raman, produced by Raju Chadha, Amit Kapoor, and Vikram Khakhar, and written by Prawaal Raman. The music for the movie was composed by Vipin Patwa, Bally Grunge, Aditya Trivedi and Sanjeev Darshan. Anuj Rakesh Dhawan did the cinematography, and Nipun Ashok Gupta edited the film. 

Interesting Facts about the Movie Main Aur Charles

1. The film is based on the real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a notorious serial killer and con artist. Sobhraj was involved in numerous crimes, including murder, robbery, and fraud.

2. Randeep Hooda underwent a significant physical transformation in his role as Charles Sobhraj.

3. The character of Amod Kanth, played by Adil Hussain, is based on the real-life police officer Amod Kanth, who was instrumental in Charles Sobhraj's capture and subsequent conviction.

4. The term 'Main' in the title, Main aur Charles, means 'me' and refers to the character Amod Kanth.

FAQs about the Movie Main Aur Charles

Q1. Where was the movie filmed? 

The crime movie was shot in Delhi, Udaipur, Goa, Mumbai, and Pattaya.

Q2. Are there any notable songs in the film?

Yes, the film features some notable songs, including "Jab Chaye Tera Jadoo," "Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin," and "Ya Rabba."

Q3. Are there any notable cameo appearances in the movie?

There are no widely reported notable cameo appearances in the movie Main aur Charles but singer Kanika Kapoor appeared as bar singer in a cameo.

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