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Laila Majnu

2h 12m

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Laila Majnu is 2018 romantic drama starring Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri in lead roles. Set in contemporary Kashmir, this modern-day adaptation of the classic folklore Laila Majnu revolves around the epic, yet tragic love story of two star-crossed lovers. Laila is a free-spirited girl from a traditional family and Qais is a spoilt brat. The two fall in love with each other but are unable to unite because of their feuding families. However, fate intervenes and the ex-lovers reunite after years.

Details About Laila Majnu Movie :

Movie Released Date
6 Sep 2018
  • Tragedy
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Vasundhara Kaul
  • Parmeet Sethi
  • Mir Sarwar
  • Moomin Rafiq
  • Farhana Bhat
  • Sajid Ali

Keypoints about Laila Majnu :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 12m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

Laila Majnu: Embark on a Timeless Journey of Love

Step into the captivating world of Laila Majnu, a 2018 Hindi romance film that reimagines the age-old saga of love, loss, and destiny. Crafted under the direction of Sajid Ali and presented by the celebrated Imtiaz Ali, this modern rendition set against the breathtaking backdrop of Kashmir promises an emotional rollercoaster. With emerging star Avinash Tiwary and the lovely Tripti Dimri in lead roles, the film narrates the passionate love story of Laila and Qais, defying societal norms. Soon, their love blossoms despite all the familial discord and society’s pressure. Learn all you need to know about this cinematic gem before you stream it on ZEE5.

Laila Majnu – An Imtiaz Ali Romance

Laila Majnu intricately weaves a touching tale around Laila, a spirited young woman from a traditional background, and Qais, a rebellious young man. Soon, they fall in love, only to be torn apart by their families. Fate, however, has its own plans, and after years of separation, destiny brings the ex-lovers back together. This film is set against the picturesque backdrop of contemporary Kashmir. Laila Majnu beautifully captures the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the undeniable pull of destiny.

Laila Majnu – Headlined by Promising Fresh Faces

Tripti Dimri brilliantly embodies the vivacious Laila. She beautifully infuses her character with a blend of tenderness and passion. Meanwhile, Avinash Tiwary's portrayal of Qais is nothing short of outstanding. He effortlessly captures the essence of a man deeply entangled in the agony of love and longing. Supported by a talented ensemble cast including Vasundhara Kaul, Parmeet Sethi, Mir Sarwar, and others, the performances in Laila Majnu elevate the storytelling to a level of emotional resonance that will leave you spellbound.

Watch Laila Majnu Full Movie Online on ZEE5

Movie enthusiasts worldwide can now watch Laila Majnu from the comfort of their homes! Laila Majnu, after its theatrical release, is now available for streaming on ZEE5 Global, offering audiences around the world an opportunity to witness this cinematic masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the epic love story, and let the mesmerizing tale of Laila and Qais unfold before your eyes.

Embark on a journey with Laila Majnu, where love knows no bounds and destiny weaves an unforgettable tale. Let the timeless love story unfold on ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laila Majnu Movie

Q1. What is the Laila Majnu movie about?

Ans. Laila Majnu is about the timeless love between two star-crossed lovers, Laila and Qais. It is a 2018 Indian Hindi romance film that narrates Laila and Qais’ love story that defied familial rivalries and societal norms. 

Q2. Is Laila Majnu a remake?

Ans. Laila Majnu is not a typical remake. It's a modern-day, contemporary storytelling of the classic folklore surrounding Laila and Majnu’s love story. 

Q3. In which language was the Laila Majnu movie released?

Ans. The movie was released in Hindi during its theatrical release. However, you can now watch it in Hindi (with English subtitles), Russian, and Malay languages on ZEE5 Global. 

Q4. Who is the director of Laila Majnu?

Ans. Sajid Ali is the director of the film Laila Majnu. 

Q5. What genre does the Laila Majnu movie belong to?

Ans. Laila Majnu falls under the genres of romance and drama. 

Q6. Is the Laila Majnu movie suitable for children/teens?

Ans. Ideally, this film wouldn’t be a great watch for children or teens. Despite the UA rating, the film is better suited for adults due to its intense theme.

Q7. Where can I watch Laila Majnu?

Ans. You can stream Laila Majnu on ZEE5 Global, providing a platform for audiences around the world to experience this cinematic gem.

Q8. What are the Laila Majnu movie reviews?

Ans. The Laila Majnu movie reviews have been fairly positive. The film’s compelling narrative and outstanding performances have left both fans and critics impressed. 

Q9. What is the IMDb rating of this Laila Majnu movie?

Ans. As of September 2023, Laila Majnu has an IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10. This positive rating clearly indicates that the film was loved by the audience. For the most current rating, please refer to IMDb.

Q10. Where can I watch the trailer for the Laila Majnu movie?

Ans. You can watch the official trailer for Laila Majnu on the ZEE5 app or website, as well as on other online platforms.

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