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Kay Karu Na Kasa Karu

2h 16m

Audio Languages :


Kay Karu Na Kasa Karu is a 2012 Marathi comedy starring Bharat Jadhav, Pushkar Shrotri, Deepali Sayyed and others. Kamlya introduces his two unemployed friends Vijay and Ajay to a caretaker’s daughters Nisha and Usha as a successful music director and a doctor. The father believes their lies and the two get married to the girls. Soon the wives start to become demanding. However, Ajay and Vijay manage to save a rich man from suicide and earn Rs. 5 crore, so they have the upper hand!

Details About Kay Karu Na Kasa Karu Movie :

Movie Released Date
16 Mar 2012
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Aditi Sarangdhar
  • Pushkar Shrotri
  • Bharat Jadhav
  • Vijay Chavan
  • Dipali Sayyad
  • Vinay E Laad

Keypoints about Kay Karu Na Kasa Karu :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 16m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

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