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1h 59m

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An aspiring young director, Rajesh struggles to shoot his debut film in the small village of Kalapuram. Cheated by a group of scamsters, will he be able to fulfil his dream?

Kalapuram Trailers

Kalapuram | Trailer

Kalapuram | Trailer

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Details about Kalapuram Movie :

Movie Released Date
26 Aug 2022
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Telugu
  • Satyam Rajesh
  • Sanchitha Poonacha
  • Chitram Seenu
  • Kaashima Rafi
  • Janardhan
  • Karuna Kumar

Keypoints about Kalapuram :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 59m

2. Audio Languages: Telugu

A struggling director lands in a scam

Kumar, a Wanna-Be director, is trying hard to make it big in the movies. When his life is at an all-time low professionally and personally, a so-called producer approaches him and promises to produce his film. The producer asks him to shoot in Kalapuram, a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, where Kumar is insisted to stay for a month due to an election code in existence. During this time, he makes a film using the local talent in Kalapuram. However, the producer releases the film without his notice, and it turns out to be a massive hit. How Kumar makes it out of Kalapuram and catches hold of the mastermind who got him stuck in this scam is the crux of the story. Directed by Karuna Kumar, this Telugu drama movie has Satyam Rajesh as the main lead. 

Kalapuram – An emotionally intense film from the Telugu heartland

Satyam Rajesh’s emotional performance through the heart-breaking scenes is pretty commendable. How the scene shifts to Kalapuram and the earthy spirit of fellow characters are some striking aspects of the movie. Janardhan, who plays the cunning producer, is also a standout character. There are a few comedy scenes of how the team tries to make a film which qualifies the film as a Telugu comedy movie as well. There is a key twist that happens in the latter part of the second half which makes the film quite gripping. 

How to watch Kalapuram in HD online

The camera work showcasing the village visuals, the music by Mani Sharma, and the production design are quite impressive. Director Karuna Kumar, who is otherwise known to have solid emotions in his films, chose a light-hearted film with a twist, which worked out quite well. Though the film starts on a slow note, the way it enters the main plot is quite interesting. To watch Kalapuram in HD online on September 24th, subscribe to ZEE5 now. Also explore more such Telugu movies and genres such as Telugu comedy movies, Telugu romantic movies, and Telugu horror movies on ZEE5.


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