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2h 19m

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Sethu, a jockey, works in a horse stable in Chennai. Fate brings him to Kariyalur, where a ruthless tycoon is threatening the villagers. Sethu takes up a challenge with the tyrant to save the village.

Details about Kaari Movie :

Movie Released Date
25 Nov 2022
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sports
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Sasikumar
  • Parvathy Arun
  • JD Chakravarthy
  • Aadukalam Naren
  • Hemanth

Keypoints about Kaari :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 19m

2. Audio Languages: Tamil

Kaari: A full-fledged Action Drama 

A Tamil movie, Kaari is an entertainment-packed movie full of action and thrills. The Tamil word Kaari in English means effectiveness. 

The Kaari movie revolves around three people: a racing champion, a multimillionaire, and a common village girl. The movie beautifully presents how three completely different lives come together to walk on a similar path. The Kaari movie screenplay is an action-packed scene highlighting many stunts and high drama full of suffering, love, betrayal and sacrifices.

Sneak Peak of Kaari Movie 

The Kaari movie 2022 is beautifully written by Hemanth as well as directed by him. S. Lakshman Kumar further produced the movie. The movie was completed with the final editing touch of T. Shivanandeeswaran and the cinematography of Ganesh Chandra. 

Along with the script, the soundtrack of the movie also had a significant major role in the movie. Further, the powerful dialogues were delivered energetically by the Kaari cast, which involves M. Sasikumar as Sethu, Parvathy Arun as Meena, J. D. Chakravarthy as SKR, and Aadukalam Naren as Vellasaamy, Sethu's father. 

Kaari Movie Plot

Beginning as a typical rural action and drama film, Kaari discusses the conflict between the two villages of Kariyalur and Sivanenthal, close to Ramanand, and how holding a Jallikattu competition would help them settle it. The movie further reflects all the arrangements and settlement of the village competition.

In the movie, we also see how Sethu struggles after his father’s death. His father, Vellasaamy, was a nobleman who did not accept any wrongdoings. The lives of the businessman SKR and Meena are also shown in the movie. All these three lives are scrutinized in a better way throughout the movie. 

A Bit More About the Kaari Movie

The running time of the Kaari Movie is 142 minutes but nowhere in the movie has it distracted its audience from the main theme of the movie. The Kaari has a simple plot but has been presented beautifully. The movie emphasizes the main theme of the movie and shows action throughout. It has very well addressed corruption, freedom and other serious issues. The Kaari cast has also shown the human-animal bond in the movie.  

The Kaari movie is a blockbuster in the cinema; from expression to delivering powerful dialogue, it has engaged its audience throughout the movie.

The Kaari Movie Release Date on OTT

The Kaari movie release date on ZEE5 OTT is December 23, 2022. However, the movie’s theatrical release date is November 25, 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kaari Movie

Q1. Where was the Kaari movie shot?

Ans: The Kaari movie was mainly shot in Chennai and Ramanathapuram.  

Q2. What is the name of the production company of the Kaari movie?

Ans: The Kaari movie is produced by Prince Pictures. 

Q3. How many songs are there in the Kaari Tamil movie?

Ans. There are a total of three songs used in the Kaari movie. 

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