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Har har gange

2h 14m

Audio Languages :


Genre :

Har Har Gange is a 1979 mythological drama with Neera and Ashish Kumar in lead. While Shiva meditated deeply a demon who had been granted a boon that he could only die at the hands of Shiva's son attacks Devalok. Adishakti takes birth as Ganga and Uma. Ganga is brought to heaven where she becomes a celestial river coursing the heavens, purifying anything she touches. With Ganga keeping heaven safe, the demon turns to Earth. Ganga descends here to wash away sin with her cleansing waters.

Details About Har har gange Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Jan 1979
  • Devotional
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Jayshree Gadkar
  • Uma Dhawan
  • Padma Khanna
  • Vikram Gokhale
  • Jeevan
  • Babubhai Mistri

Keypoints about Har har gange :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 14m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

About the Movie Har Har Gange: Shiva’s Return

Har Har Gange is a movie that narrates the story of Lord Shiva. Suffering from the death of his wife Sati, Shiva goes into complete isolation and begins meditating. But something must be done to bring order in the world and Shiva back to normal. This devotional movie is about Shiva’s isolation and his return.

Har Har Gange Movie Release Date on OTT

The Hindi movie Har Har Gange was released in theatres on 1st January 1979. It is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Har Har Gange Movie Plot

Shiva is devastated by the death of his wife Sati and he decides to go into complete isolation for deeper meditation. The demon Taraka takes advantage of this situation as he can be killed by Shiva only. He attacks Devlok with the intention to take control of it and the demigods. To bring back order and peace, Adishakti decides to take birth as Uma and Ganga, daughters of Himavat, the mountain king.

The younger sister Uma takes on the arduous task of breaking Shiva’s isolation and gives the child who is supposed to end the atrocity of the demon Taraka and the elder sister Ganga is brought back to heaven. Soon, Ganga becomes a celestial river that cleans everything it touches. Will Uma be able to put an end to Shiva’s isolation and Taraka’s atrocities and what will Ganga do after becoming a celestial river?

Har Har Gange Movie Cast and Crew

The cast of the movie involves Neera as Ganga, Ashish Kumar as Bhagwan Shiv, Anjana Mumtaz as Sati / Parvati, Vikram Gokhale as Bhagirath, Jayshree Gadkar as Bhagirath's wife, Jeevan as Narad Muni, Mohan Choti as Himalaya Raj, Uma Dhawan as Menaka and Sudarshan Dhir as Kamdev.

The film was directed by Babubhai Mistri and produced by Nitin Dhorda and Mahendra Patel. The screenplay was written by Babubhai Mistry. The music for the movie was composed by Ravindra Jain. The film was edited by Kantilal B. Shukla and the cinematographer of the movie was Narendra Mistry.

Interesting Facts about the Movie Har Har Gange

It is a remake of the movie Har Har Gange which was released in 1968.

It was the coloured version of the movie Har Har Gange by the same director.

The movie is an adaptation of Skanda Purana.

FAQs about the Movie Har Har Gange

Q1.Who was the lyricist for the movie Har Har Gange?

The lyricist for the movie Har Har Gange was Bharat Vyas.

Q2.How many soundtracks are there in the movie Har Har Gange?

There are a total of 8 soundtracks in the movie Har Har Gange.

Q3. Is the story of the movies Har Har Gange (1968) and Har Har Gange (1979) the same?

Yes, the story of both the movies are same.

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