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Force is a 2012 Bengali drama film starring Prosenjit Chatterjee, Arpita Pal, Arya Dasgupta. This is a beautiful story of a loving relationship between a father and son duo. Arjun is an encounter specialist out to catch the bad guys and has an autistic son to take care of.

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Details about Force Movie :

Movie Released Date
7 Nov 2014
  • Drama
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Arpita Pal
  • Prasenjit Chatterjee
  • Arya Dasgupta
  • Raja Chanda

Keypoints about Force :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 23m

2. Audio Languages: Bengali

FORCE!  Thriller Action Cop Movie 

Force Movie is a Bengali-language family drama movie about an encounter specialist cop. The film features none other than Bengali superstars Prosenjit Chatterjee and Arpita Pal in lead roles. It is a remake of a Tamil hit movie Haridas which came to theatres in 2013.

Force Movie sheds light on two sides of the life of a cop named ACP Arjun. One side keeps the city clean and corrupt-free, and the other shows his patience and love for his mentally challenged son.

The movie was way ahead in time due to its thrilling storyline and action. This movie sheds light on Autism and its consequences in the life of the patient and the people surrounding it.

Force Movie Important Details

Force Director has taken a beautiful and creative way to craft and deliver a mesmerizing movie to the audience. Cinema lovers who love thriller drama with a pinch of action film will enjoy Force during weekends.

The Force cast consists of Prosenjit Chatterjee as ACP Arjun/Encounter specialist, Arpita Pal as Labanya, a school teacher, Arya Dasgupta as Abhimanyu, and many more well-known recognizable supporting actors.

Force screenplay was written by Anindya Bose and produced by Essel Vision Productions, NIdeas Creations & Productions Pvt Ltd.

The Plot of Force Movie

The plot revolves around a hardworking and honest police officer who is also an encounter specialist trying to maintain law and order in the city by eliminating the criminal in encounters and its crime.

But he also has to deal with a son named Abhimanyu, a unique child suffering from neurological problems or Autism. Abhimanyu lost his mother during his birth, but somehow he was raised by a single-working cop father.

Abhimanyu is also later in the film helped by his school teacher Labanya in his daily school life, which eases and gives a small amount of relief in Arjun's life. Even after being one of the most hardworking and accomplished encounter specialists who consistently achieved his goal, he sometimes thought of himself as a failure as he used to think he failed as a father. 

In the movie, we can see the cruelty in his eyes when he meets any criminal and the boldness in his words when he delivers any threat or warning. At the movie's end, he is so dangerous that a criminal refers to him as a hired assassin.

The Performance of the Force Movie Cast

Prosenjit Chatterjee was very true to his acting and character. He smoothly transited into his feelings of being a ferocious cop and a loving father who is tamed by his son's situation. Arya Dasgupta stole the show by perfectly mimicking an autistic child, and Arpita Chatterjee performed phenomenally as a teacher taking care of the exceptional child.

Force Movie Release Date on OTT

Force Movie Release Date in theatres is November 7th, 2014, and available to stream on Zee5, an OTT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Force Movie

Q1. Is Force a copy of any Hollywood film?

Ans: No, Force is not copied from Hollywood. It is copied from a Tamil movie named Haridas.

Q2. Is Force a romantic movie, or is it a thriller movie?

Ans: Force is a thriller action movie with a pinch of drama.

Q3. Who is the music composer of Force Movie?

Ans: The music composer of Force is Saptarishi Mukherjee.

Q4. Who has written the lyrics for the Force Movie?

Ans: The lyricist of Force is Prosen.

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