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Evil Dead (2013)

1h 27m

Audio Languages :

English, Hindi

Subtitles :


Five friends plan to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in a forest. But their plans go awry when one of them unwittingly reads from the Book of the Dead and unleashes an evil spirit.

Details About Evil Dead (2013) Movie :

Movie Released Date
8 Mar 2013
  • Horror
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Jane Levy
  • Shiloh Fernandez
  • Jessica Lucas
  • Lou Taylor Pucci
  • Elizabeth Blackmore
  • Fede Alvarez

Keypoints about Evil Dead (2013) :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 27m

2. Audio Languages: English,Hindi

Evil Dead (2013)- A Horror Thriller Movie

Evil Dead (2013) is an English movie, a remake of the 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead that follows the story of five friends who decide to stay in an isolated cottage in the woods on a weekend. But their preparations are hindered when one of the friends unintentionally reads a Book named Dead and eventually unleashes an evil ghost.

This thriller-horror movie is directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, and Bruce Campbell.

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Cast

The movie's cast includes Jane Levy as Mia, Shiloh Fernandez as David, Jessica Lucas as Olivia, Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric, Elizabeth Blackmore as Natalie and other renowned actors.

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Plot    

Evil Dead (2013), a thriller movie, begins with David Allen (played by Shiloh Fernandez) and his partner Natalie who are on their way to a cottage and run across his divorced sister Mia (played by Jane Levy) and her companions Eric and Olivia. While Mia kicks her heroin habit, the group intends to remain in the cottage for the weekend.

Later in the day, Mia gets glimpses of a devilish version of herself. She borrows Eric's car and speeds off, but as she passes her replica, she swerves and crashes into a pond. She then gets overtaken as a living vine penetrates her body.

David comes to face Mia in the washroom after discovering Grandpa died from a hammer blow. That evening, before Eric is able to lock Mia in the basement, a deranged Mia shoots her brother with the gun, says that they will all be killed tonight, and spits a lot of red vomit in Olivia's face.

Later, Olivia becomes seized. She repeatedly attacks Eric with a syringe needle until he beats her to death. Mia seduces Natalie down the cellar, chews her fingers, and then uses a large knife to sever her tongue before kissing Natalie till she dies.

Eventually, in the plot, Blood starts to drop from the sky as David's passing becomes the fifth soul captured, and the Abomination, now present as Mia's evil side, attacks her to death.

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Release Date on OTT

The Evil Dead (2013) movie release date is March 05, 2013. The movie is also available in Hindi and English to stream on OTT ZEE5. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Evil Dead (2013) Movie

Q1. What is the running time of the Evil Dead (2013) Movie?

Ans. The running time of the Evil Dead (2013) movie is 1 hour and 27 minutes.

Q2. Who has done the Cinematography of Evil Dead (2013) movie?

Ans. Aaron Morton has done the cinematography of the movie.

Q3. Who has given the music in the Evil Dead (2013) movie?

Ans. Roque Banos has given music in the movie.

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