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Escape of Shark

1h 6m

Audio Languages :


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The aftermath of a lively beach party turns tragic with an unexpected Tsunami hitting the shore. The waves also bring in a giant raging shark, putting the guests in grave danger. Who will survive?

Details About Escape of Shark Movie :

Movie Released Date
12 Aug 2020
  • Adventure
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Qianyu Liu
  • Marina Malaia
  • Xiaolong Wang
  • Dongdong Xu
  • Hang Zhu

Keypoints about Escape of Shark :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 6m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

Escape of Shark, survival of the Braves 

Escape of Shark movie is a thrilling and adventurous movie. The whole film featured extraordinary effects with the performing artists giving their best shot onto the screen. The movie has brought up an ultimate plot with excellent direction and choreography. 

The suspenseful thriller movie has also beautifully presented a love story in the film. Escape of Shark movie is full of mysterious scenes of an unexpected Shark attack on a hotel. The movie has a unique storyline thus, it stands out the best amongst many shark movies. 

Escape of Shark movie Anecdotes

The one-hour six minutes movie is very much entertaining and engaging. The movie has well connecting scenes and action was seen throughout the Escape of Shark film. The thrilling movie was originally created in China. 

The Escape of Shark director is Hang Zhu, he is the writer of the movie as well. The powerful script was further screened by applauding actors like Qianyu Liu as Song Wen-Wen, Marina Malaia as Marina, Xiaolong Wang as Su Pan and Dongdong Xu as Xiao Lin. 

Escape of Shark movie plot

The Escape of Shark movie has a very revealing title. One could easily make out the evil Shark role in the movie and the survivors as the protagonists of the movie. However, the movie has a very smooth opening where a beach party is taking place. Full of dramatic scenes, the beach party has its own comforting actions and scenes in the movie.

The whole movie is tilted towards action and adventurous scenes when a tsunami sweeps all over the people. The unexpected disaster brought tensions among the guests of the party. The movie became more horrifying when a huge giant shark sneaked into the hotel and started troubling humans. The whole Escape of Shark movie, therefore, revolves around the tragic and frightening fight between the shark and the people.

The Performance of the Escape of Shark Movie 

The movie has been beautifully presented by the actors. Escape of Shark film has a great opening, middle part and ending as well. The movie is packed with action and drama. However, one could even see love in the storyline. As well as, the express emotions were perfectly presented by the cast. 

The Escape of Shark cast also performed outstandingly. Amongst the prominent leads, the acts by Qianyu Liu, Marina Malaia and Xiaolong Wang are much appreciated. All of them have added much more value to the movie. All the scenes of the movie appeared very real and natural. One could consider it a real shark attack in a hotel, the express team made it noteworthy to feel the pain of losing one’s loved ones. Alongside this, the melodious songs in the movie made the script more engaging to the audience. 

Overall, the suspenseful thrilling movie with considerable effects made the whole movie extraordinary and worth watching. 

The  Escape of Shark movie release date on OTT

The Escape of Shark movie was released on 8th December  11th May 2022 and is now ready to stream on ZEE5, an OTT platform. 

Frequently asked questions about the Escape of Shark Movie.

Q1. Who is the screenwriter of the movie Escape of Shark movie?

Ans: An Australian film director, Russell Mulchay is the screenwriter for the Escape of Shark movie. 

Q2.What is the original name of the Escape of Shark movie?

Ans. The original name of the Escape of Shark movie is Tron Chay Khoi Ca Map. 

Q3. Which language was the Escape of Shark movie released?

Ans. The Escape of Shark movie was officially released in the Mandarin language and was further dubbed into many different languages, like English and Hindi

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