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Detection of Di Renjie

1h 33m

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Chaos ensues as gruesome murders dot the capital city of Chang’an under Empress Wu’s reign. Di Renjie takes up the case as rumours of the “Flying Goddess Mural” murders worsen.

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ZEE5 World Hits | Trailer

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Details about Detection of Di Renjie Movie :

Movie Released Date
12 Jan 2020
  • Thriller
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Yiheng Du
  • Yang Shu
  • Zhuo Wen
  • Francis Nam

Keypoints about Detection of Di Renjie :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 33m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Detection of Di Renjie, A Mysterious Tale

Detection of Di Renjie is a Chinese Hindi-dubbed movie that elaborates and reflects on the historical war of the politician Di Renjie. The movie involves many martial arts and drama in it. The whole film involves bizarre and chaotic scenes in Wu's region. 

The detention of Di Renjie's title reveals the meaning of the film's whole story. Renjie in Chinese means a wise, talented, able well-known person. Thus, the narration in the movie revolves around a famous person named 'Di Renjie.' Francis Nam is the director of Detection of Di Renjie, a thriller and action film

Detection of Di Renjie Cast

The movie, Detection of Di Renjie cast includes Zhuo Wen as Meng Shao-Bai, Yiheng Du as Di Renjie, and Yang Shu as Xie Yaohuan, along with other supporting cast members.

Detection of Di Renjie Plot

Detection of Di Renjie describes several strange murders that occurred in Changan around Wu's birthday. The stories of the Martyrs' Temple killing flying murals have worsened because it is uncertain what caused the death. Everyone believed that it was the people's hearts and the impending decline. Di Renjie, who frequently resolved peculiar issues in the neighborhood, and Xie Yaohuan (played by Yang Shu), the Shenwu Army captain, were tasked with looking into the case. In the end, not only were the rumours disproved, but also the actual murderer and the frustrations harbored for over 20 years.

The Detection of Di Renjie Movie Release Date on OTT

The Detection of Di Renjie movie was released on January 12, 2020, and is now available to stream on OTT ZEE5. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Detection of Di Renjie Movie

Q1. Who is the screenwriter of the movie Detection of Di Renjie?

Ans: Zhang Lu is the screenwriter for the Detection of Di Renjie movie. 

Q2. In which language was the Detection of Di Renjie movie released?

Ans. The Detection Di Renjie movie was officially released in Chinese and further dubbed into many different languages.

Q3. What are the names of the Detection of Di Renjie movie-producing companies?

Ans. HG Entertainment, New Studio Media, and Yihu Movie Production Media produced the Detection of Di Renjie film.

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