1h 28m

Daawat-e-Biriyani is a ZEE5 Original movie starring Sauraseni Maitra, Jayant Kripalani, and Suhasini Mulay. Panchali travels from Kolkata to Lucknow and discovers her grandmother’s secret biryani recipe. During this journey, she also discovers interesting aspects of her grandmother’s life.

Details About Daawat-e-Biriyani Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Oct 2019
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Jayant Kripalani
  • Chiranjit
  • Suhasini Mulay
  • Sauraseni Maitra
  • Aditi Roy

Keypoints about Daawat-e-Biriyani :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 28m

2. Audio Language: Bengali

Daawat-e-Biriyani: A Search for Taste

Daawat-e-Biriyani is a 2019 ZEE5 Original Bengali movie based on a secret recipe of Biryani of a grandmother. The director of the movie, Aditi Roy has taken a distinctive path to make such a unique movie.

Daawat-e-Biriyani Cast

Daawat -e-Biryani cast comprises Jayant Kripalani as Mansur, Chiranjit as Ranojoy Roy Chowdhary, Suhasini Mulay as Afrin and Sauraseni Maitra as Panchali, along with other supporting cast.

Daawat-e-Biriyani Movie Plot

Daawat -e-Biryani, a drama movie, begins with a young girl, Panchali, who comes to Lucknow to see her severely ill grandfather. The story progresses as she learns the secrets of her grandmother's biryani recipe and its history which is not as simple as it seems to be. She discovers that the recipe was shared with her grandmother by her grandfather in the days when they both were dating each other.

Panchali also learns shocking details about her grandmother's life along the way.

The movie follows Panchali's journey as she uncovers the hidden stories and secrets behind the biryani recipe. As she goes through the journey, she also discovers her own self and learns to appreciate and embrace her culture.

The movie ends with her understanding the importance of traditional foods as a means of connecting people and cultures, as well as the importance of family and tradition. She realises that the love and effort that goes into making a dish such as biryani is what makes it special and brings people and families together.

The movie highlights the importance of culture and tradition, and how food can bring people together and can even put them apart.

Daawat -e-Biryani Movie Release Date on OTT

Daawat-e-Biriyani is a 2019 ZEE Original movie released on October 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions About Daawat-e-Biriyani Movie

Q1. How long is the movie?

Ans. The movie is 1hour and 28 minutes long.

Q2. Is the movie available with subtitles?

Ans. Yes, the movie is available in English subtitles.