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2h 17m

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B.Tech is a 2018 Malayalam drama thriller movie starring Asif Ali, Anoop Menon, Aju Varghese and others. The story revolves around the life of B.Tech engineering students who enjoy their life as it comes. Situations however change when a single off-campus incident turns their life upside down.

Details About B.Tech Movie :

Movie Released Date
5 Dec 2018
  • Drama
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Malayalam
  • Arjun Ashokan
  • Asif Ali
  • Saiju Kurup
  • Sreenath Bhasi
  • Deepak Parambol
  • Mridul Nair

Keypoints about B.Tech :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 17m

2. Audio Language: Malayalam

B.Tech- A Romance And Thriller Movie

B.Tech is a Malayalam movie based on the lives of B.Tech engineering students, who take each day as it occurs. But, when an off-campus episode turns their lives backward, everything changes and they are put through a "trial by fire" that forces them to face it.

The movie ‘B.Tech’ is an ideal pick for audiences who enjoy romance and suspense and are in the mood to watch something intense.

B.Tech Cast 

Mridul Nair is the Director of the B.Tech Movie. The cast includes Asif Ali as Anand Subramaniam, Arjun Ashokan as Azaad Muhammed, Deepak Parambol as Nizar Ahammad, Sreenath Bhasi as Jojo Mathew, Saiju Kurup as Prasanth P.P. and other supporting characters. 

The screenplay for the drama and thriller film, B.Tech is written by Ramakrishna J. Kulur and Mridul Nair and the producer of the movie is Sheen Helen. 

B.Tech Plot 

Twelve young guys from Kerala are shown as the subject of the movie as it starts. Their lives and perspectives are altered after their friend Azaad Muhammed (played by Arjun Ashokan) is murdered in a terrorist strike. Anand (played by Asif Ali), a carefree B.Tech student from a very wealthy family, is in charge of the gang of boys.

In an effort to wrap up the inquiry, the local Police declares that Azaad committed suicide. Even more members of the gang who are Muslims are detained by the authorities. Anand and his mates do not trust the police explanation because they are aware that Nizar wasn't a terrorist. The group then makes an attempt to refute the police account of the events in court with the aid of an attorney, Viswanath Iyyer.

B.Tech Movie Release Date on OTT

B.Tech movie’s release date in cinemas is May 5, 2018 and the movie is also available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About B.Tech Movie

Q1. Who has given the music in the B.Tech Movie?

Ans. The Music is given by Rahal Raj in B.Tech Movie.

Q2. Who edited the B.Tech Movie?

Ans. Mahesh Narayanan and Abhilash Balachandran have done the editing of the movie.

Q3. What is the duration of the movie?

Ans. The movie is 147 minutes long.

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