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Bruce Lee

1h 35m

Audio Languages :


Bruce Lee is a 2017 action-comedy film starring G.V.Prakash and Kriti Kharbanda. Bruce Lee is a cowardly person who runs away from most of his problems. He and his friend are in love with Kriti Kharbanda and her friend respectively. A time bomb finds its way into the hero's car and the heroine becomes a witness to a murder by a don Muniskanth. There is also police officer who is also hunting down the criminals. Bruce Lee musters up the courage to save his girlfriend.

Details about Bruce Lee Movie :

Movie Released Date
17 Mar 2017
  • Comedy
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • G.V. Prakash Kumar
  • Kriti Kharbanda
  • Bala Saravanan
  • Ramdoss
  • Rajendran
  • Prashanth Pandiraj

Keypoints about Bruce Lee :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 35m

2. Audio Languages: Tamil

Bruce Lee- An intriguing Action Movie with Ingenious Humour Level

Bruce Lee is a Tamil action-comedy movie with hilarious sequences that will tickle your funny bone with great humour. The entertaining plots of the movie will not let you go off your seat as a splendid cast has portrayed their role with great mastery. This comedy movie is the debut of Prashanth Pandiraj, the associate director of Pasanga fame. The lead roles have been conveniently cherished by G V Prakash Kumar and the elegant Kriti Kharbanda.

Bruce Lee Movie has a compelling plot where the good-for-nothing friends will go into the merry-go-round of twists and turns when the infusing characteristics of Don Ramdoss impose their life with great suspense. 

Bruce Lee movie director, Prashanth Pandiraj has tried his best to curate the movie with subtle cinematography and entertaining features. Through the scenes of the movie, you will get to conquer the seriousness of the main character Bruce Lee (played by G.V Prakash Kumar) from his initial parts in the movie where he seems to care about his life. 

Bruce Lee Basic Details

With the great urge for action-packed comedy movies, Bruce Lee movie Release Date was on March 17th of the year 2017. With several production delays, the following satellite rights were primarily sold to Zee Tamil. The film also changed its title, which was converted from Basha Engira Antony. The film also ended up having some legal tussles with the Telugu filmmakers. But after a lot of hassle, Bruce Lee Director Prashanth has come up with an exclusive ideology to make the movie release with no blunders ahead.

Bruce Lee Plot

The film has a normal beginning where most people's day-to-day life has been depicted. Within the storm of lively situations, you will find out that Bruce Lee (played by G.V Prakash) and Abbas (played by Bala Saravanan) are good friends and are just neglecting their life With no following chores.

Here another plot will reveal a sinful don Godfather Ramdoss (played by Ramdoss). The evil villain's nasty gang assaults several people with acid attacks. In the meantime, Bruce Lee is in head-over-love with Saroja Devi, a college student (played by Kriti Kharbanda).

As the story revolves around, Ramdoss is willing to kill Minister Mansoor Khan, and soon after, he is brutally murdering him. To his surprise, the murder moment was captured by Bruce Lee coincidently. With utmost fear, Saroja decides to hand over the picture to the son of Mansoor, but the story takes an appealing turn when she finds out that Mansoor's son was also included in the murder.

Performance of the Bruce Lee Cast

The Bruce Lee Cast has several experienced and theatrical actors who portrayed their scenes with great zeal. G.V Prakash has been showcasing his major action moves with all the versatility. Kriti Kharbanda as Saroja Devi has also shown her simplicity with no extra clashes. Ramdoss is portrayed extremely well as the Godfather. Besides them, Bruce Lee has an entertaining cast that includes Bala Saravanan, Mansoor Ali Khan, and S.R Pandiyan, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bruce Lee

Q1. What is the running time of the movie Bruce Lee?

Ans. The movie has a running time of 125 minutes.

Q2. Who is the cinematographer of the Bruce Lee movie?

Ans. P.V Shankar is the cinematographer.

Q3. Who produced the Bruce Lee movie?

Ans. J. Selvakumar produced the movie.

Q4. Who is the editor of the Bruce Lee movie?

Ans. Pradeep E. Ragav is the editor of the movie.

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