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Bommai Nayagi

2h 3m

Audio Languages :


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Velu is a humble worker at a tea stall. His life turns upside down when his young daughter is sexually assaulted by men from influential families in the village. Will Velu be able to get justice?

Details About Bommai Nayagi Movie :

Movie Released Date
3 Feb 2023
  • Drama
  • Musical
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Yogi Babu
  • Srimathi
  • Subatra
  • Hari Krishnan
  • Lizzie Antony
  • Shan

Keypoints about Bommai Nayagi :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 3m

2. Audio Language: Tamil

About the Movie Bommai Nayagi: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Bommai Nayagi is a Tamil drama film that recounts the story of a father's struggle for justice for his 9-year-old daughter, who is sexually abused by two influential upper-caste men. The movie portrays how the underprivileged had to submit to the upper class. The film, besides highlighting the flaws in the judicial system, also emphasises on the importance of education and the role of parents and society in helping trauma victims recover. 

Bommai Nayagi Movie Release Date on OTT

The Tamil musical film Bommai Nayagi was released in theatres on 3rd February 2023. The movie is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Bommai Nayagi Movie Plot 

Bommai Nayagi tells the story of Velu (Yogi Babu), a tea master, who lives a happy life with his wife Kayalvizhi (Subhadra) and daughter Bommai Nayagi (Sreemathi) in the early 90s. Velu's family faces ostracism from his rich stepbrother Senthil (Arul Doss) given his mother's lower caste. When the tea shop owner falls ill, Velu loses his job, and the only way he can buy the shop is by getting hold of one lakh rupees, which he cannot. During a festival, men belonging to the upper caste commit a heinous crime against Velu’s daughter, and she is trapped in a hospital owned by her tormentors. The rest of the film revolves around Velu's struggles to save his daughter by taking the law in his hands.

Bommai Nayagi Movie Cast and Crew 

The principal cast of the movie includes Yogi Babu as Velu, Subatra as Kayalvizhi (Bommai Nayagi's mother), Srimathi as Bommai Nayagi, Aruldoss as Senthil, Hari Krishnan as Jeeva, and Lizzie Antony as Dhamu.

Bommai Nayagi is directed by Shan and produced by Pa Ranjith under the Neelam Productions banner. 

Interesting Facts About the Movie Bommai Nayagi

1. The movie Bommai Nayagi showcases child artist Srimathi’s first major role in a Tamil film.

2. Director Shan strategically plants minor hints of a bigger story throughout this Tamil film as underlying themes, leading to a more impactful and emotional climax.

FAQs About the Movie Bommai Nayagi

Q1. What message does the movie put forward about women and education?

Ans: This drama movie puts forward the message that women need the education to fight injustice and that they should not let go of criminals just to protect their honour and dignity.

Q2. What is the runtime of Bommai Nayagi?

Ans: The duration of this musical film is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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