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2h 2m

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Bhau Awalaskar, an egoistic government officer refuses to pay his dues to Bali Jungam, an honest milkman. When Bali swears revenge, it leads to a battle between the classes. Who will win this war? 

Details About BhauBali Movie :

Movie Released Date
16 Sep 2022
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Manoj Joshi
  • Kishore Kadam
  • Anand Alkunte
  • Rajan Bhise
  • Priyadarshini Indalkar
  • Sameer Patil

Keypoints about BhauBali :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 2m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

BhauBali - A Story of Possibilities

BhauBali is a Marathi film focusing on a man’s sense of pride against the honesty of a loyal worker. In our everyday life, we see many people having a quarrel with each other for many petty reasons. Most of such problems solve themselves without actually getting anyone hurt. But what happens when a man’s pride comes into that fight?

For many years, society has been plagued by the conflict between the classes. It results from basic inequalities within various social groups and the power dynamics that follow. The clash between Bali Jungam, an honest milkman, and Bhau Awalaskar, an arrogant government official, is exemplified in this story.

Sameer Patil, the director of this drama film, wanted to put this huge problem in front of the people so that everyone can relate to this situation. With this film, he wants to show that our emotions may actually make us beings we never wanted to be.

BhauBali Cast

The cast of BhauBali consists of Manoj Joshi as Bhau Awalaskar, Kishore Kadam as Bali Jungam, Anand Alkunte as Nagarsevak Pataskar, Rajan Bhise as Justice Bhandarkar, Priyadarshini Indalkar as Chinmayee Awalaskar, and many more supporting cast members.

BhauBali Plot

A government official named Bhau Awalaskar refuses to pay an honest milkman named Bali Jungam his debts. This starts a chain of events that intensifies into a full-fledged class war. Bali joins up with other members of the lower class to overthrow the corrupt leader and his powerful friends after becoming frustrated with Bhau's arrogance and refusal to pay. However, they encounter numerous obstacles along the way, such as violence, intimidation, and threats.

The boundary between right and wrong starts to blur as the war progresses and both sides grow more desperate. Bali's dedication to justice is put to the test, and he is compelled to make morally challenging decisions with far-reaching effects. Bhau and his supporters, meanwhile, use more vicious strategies to hold onto their money and influence.

In the movie's climax, the two sides engage in a massive final battle. Given that both sides are putting up an excellent fight for their respective causes, the conflict's fate is uncertain. Which side will win? Will Bali be able to stand his ground against these powerful opponents, or will Bhau win and show his dominance over them? 

BhauBali Release Date on OTT

BhauBali’s theatrical release date is 16 September 2022. This film is also available to stream on the OTT platform ZEE5 for te viewers to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About BhauBali Movie

Q1. How long is this film?

Ans. This film is 2h 2m long.

Q2. Who produced this film?

Ans. Sandeep Kale is the executive producer, while Aparna Pandgaonkar, Ninad Vaidhya, and Nitin Vaidya are the producers of this film.

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