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Bhajarangi 2

2h 27m

Audio Languages :


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Araka, a cruel drug baron, kidnaps innocent villagers and forces them to work for him. But, when Bhajarangi, a forest officer, learns about this, he decides to come to the villagers' rescue.

Bhajarangi 2 Trailers

Bhajarangi 2 | Trailer

Bhajarangi 2 | Trailer

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Details about Bhajarangi 2 Movie :

Movie Released Date
29 Oct 2021
  • Action
  • Fantasy
Audio Languages:
  • Kannada
  • Shiva Rajkumar
  • Bhavana Menon
  • Shruti
  • Cheluvaraj
  • Saurav Lokesh
  • A Harsha

Keypoints about Bhajarangi 2 :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 27m

2. Audio Languages: Kannada

Bhajarangi 2: The Battle of Good and Evil

Bhajarangi 2 is a Kannada film packed with a lot of action and fantastic drama to go with it. This fantasy film is about a good forest ranger stopping an evil drug dealer from wreaking havoc on common people.

The plot of Bhajarangi 2 revolves around Araka, a drug dealer who forces people to work for him through violence. To stop him, a good forest ranger, Bhajarangi appeared. The story focuses on Bhajarangi’s journey in saving the people from Araka.

A Harsha is the director of Bhajarangi 2, and this film is produced by Jayanna-Bhogendra.

Bhajarangi 2 Cast

The cast of Bhajarangi 2 features Shiva Rajkumar as Bhajarangi and Anji, Bhavana Menon as Chinminiki, Shruti as Alamelamma, Cheluvaraj as Araka, and Saurav Lokesh as Sudheendra and other supporting cast members.

Bhajarangi 2 Plot

Araka (played by Cheluvaraj) is a drug dealer who sells Ayurvedic drugs grown in his area to earn money illegally. One day he gets an order for his drugs in excessive amounts, but he can’t fulfill the order due to the lack of workforce. 

Facing such a dilemma, he kidnaps all the villagers from the nearby village and forces them to work for him. Anji (played by Shiva Rajkumar) also lives in that village and cannot stop Araka’s men from kidnapping his sister and girlfriend. 

Facing such a defeat, he commits suicide, but soon after, some supernatural phenomena happen, and his body gets possessed by Araka’s former nemesis Bhajarangi. Bhajarangi was a good forest ranger who saved many lives during his lifetime. After possessing Anji’s body, he goes to Araka’s hideout to fight him and his men to free the villagers. The story focuses on how Bhajarangi fought them and gave everyone back their freedom

Bhajarangi 2 Movie Release Date on OTT

Bhajarangi 2's theatrical release date is October 29, 2021, and it is also available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bhajarangi 2

Q1. How long is this film?

Ans. This film is 2h 27m long.

Q2. Who composed the music for Bhajarangi 2?

Ans. The music was composed by Arjun Janya for this film.

Q3. Are Subtitles available for this film?

Ans. Yes, English subtitles for this film are available.

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