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Between the Lines

1h 14m

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Genre :

Between The Lines is an English play starring Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara. Lawyers Shekhar and Maya, a married couple, often find themselves at the opposite ends of a criminal case. The courtroom arguments often continue at home and their personal relationship begins to suffer.

Details about Between the Lines Movie :

Movie Released Date
25 Oct 2019
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • English
  • Nandita Das
  • Subodh Maskara
  • Nandita Das
  • Ritesh Menon

Keypoints about Between the Lines :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 14m

2. Audio Languages: English

Between the Lines: The Unsettling Views of a Couple

Between The Lines is an English movie that depicts the rooting behavioral attributes of a husband and wife. As the plot of the story reveals its unwinding portrayal, it narrates the clashing demands of the couple authentically. In the first half of the Between the Lines Movie, it is portrayed that a couple is exclusively going through their everyday lives and enjoying their loving aura for each other. But the turns cast a shadow on their relationship when both of them, as lawyers, will have a different perspective on a criminal case. 

The film Between the Lines is directed by Nandita Das, who also plays the lead character in the movie as Maya. She nailed the narration, where a man and woman are trying to value their point of view. The plot revolves around a crime scene where a woman known as Kavita has been summoned for attempting to kill her husband. This story highly classifies the life that remains uncertain after a marriage. 

Between the Lines Cast

Between the Lines Director, Nandita Das plays the main role as Maya, and Subodh Maskara satiates the role of Shekhar as Maya's husband.

Between the Lines Plot

The story begins with Maya and Shekhar enjoying their married life in the bewitching professional field as Lawyers. They both are extremely successful in their career and always curate their devotion to justice. One fine day, a case knocks on their door, which reluctantly questions their marital significance.

The following case discloses that Kavita, who is a housewife, is accused of attempting to kill her husband due to harassment of domestic violence. The husband of Kavita, Mukesh, accepts that he misbehaves with his wife. Due to extreme frustration, Kavita attempted to fire a gunshot at his husband. 

The story takes an intriguing turn when Maya decides to fight for Kavita where her husband is portraying the role of Mukesh's counsel. Slowly, Kavita starts to initiate their personal life issues to infuse in the case and take their married life to an extreme level. So, will they dismantle their loving relationship in the rage of their professional field?

This fetching drama film will make you engulf the prominence of married life and how it can get impacted through external measures. You can also encounter the dominating values and considerations the husband and wife make to appeal to their consistency in the professional field. 

Between the Lines Movie Release Date on OTT

Between the Lines' theatrical release date is October 25, 2019, and it is also available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Between the Lines Movie

Q1: How long is this film?

Ans: The film continues for 1hr and 14m.

Q2: Who is the associate director of the film?

Ans: Ritesh Menon is the associate director of the movie.

Q3: Who is the cinematographer of the movie?

Ans: Sojan Narayanan is the director of the movie.

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