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2h 14m

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Sanja and Ranja take up the job of guarding the haunted Benwad village at night. After the spirit haunts Ranja's girlfriend, the duo, along with Sanja's girlfriend, tries to rescue her.

Benwad Trailers

Benwad | Trailer

Benwad | Trailer

Details about Benwad Movie :

Movie Released Date
13 Feb 2022
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Bhau Kadam
  • Sandeep Pathak
  • Sumit Sanghamitra

Keypoints about Benwad :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 14m

2. Audio Languages: Marathi

Benwad Movie – A Classic Horror Comedy

The Benwad movie is a classic horror comedy for someone who loves horror comedy movies. The movie is about a village, Benwad, revolving around Sanja and Ranja, who are given the responsibility of guarding the village. The plot turns tragic when the guards discover that the ghosts have possessed Ranja's girlfriend. A drama movie with enough twists and turns and horror scenes to make you cringe. After the spirits trap Ranja's girlfriend, both Ranja and Sanja, along with Sanja's girlfriend, try to rescue her from the trap.

Benwad Cast 

Directed by Sumit Sanghamitra, the Benwad cast includes Sandeep Pathak as Ranja, Radha Sagar as Aarti, Bhau Kadam as Sanja, Krutika Tulaskar as Madhu, and other cast members.

Benwad Movie Plot

A witch's trap haunts a village named Benwad. Full moon and New moon night are when the witch catches her prey. Sanja and Ranja, who work at a saree showroom, are the two brothers who take the responsibility to guard the village as the original guards quit their jobs out of fear when the witch strikes again. Sanja writes stories as a pastime activity and finds himself in love with one of his customers named Madhu. 

In parallel to this love angle, Sanja's brother Ranja has fallen in love with Aarti. The Marathi movie takes another turn when Sanja and Ranja find out from the villages that their name is Kashi, who died out of starvation and is hungry for food. They also learn how Kashi died when she was locked in a palatial house in the village by Patil, the village head. 

As the horror movie continues, we see how Sanja and Ranja lose their jobs due to their stupidity and take the opportunity to fill out the job faculty as guards of the village Benwad. Both plan to meet their girlfriends on a full moon night when Aarti gets posed by Kashi's spirit. Followed by several events in the rest of the movie, we see different ways both Ranja, Sanja, and Sanja's girlfriend attempt to rescue Aarti to get rid of the spirit of Kashi.

Benwad Movie Release Date on OTT

Benwad movie release date is February 13, 2022, and available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions about Benwad Movie

Q1. Is Benwad a true story?

Ans: No, Benwad is a fictional story.

Q2. What languages is the movie dubbed in?

Ans: The movie is only available in the Marathi language. However, English subtitles are available.

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