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Bedroom is a 2012 Bengali drama movie starring Abir Chatterjee, Rahul Banerjee, and Rudranil Ghosh. Deb, Joy, and Ananda are unhappy with their lives. While Joy's wife earns more than he does, Ananda‘s wife is a housewife and Deb is a kind of man who wants to sleep with any girl who catches his eye. Will the couple find out a way to stay happy or will they forever be leading a life which they might have never dreamt of? Will their bedroom stories forever be the same or will they make an effort to get along well with each other?

Details about Bedroom Movie :

Movie Released Date
6 Jan 2012
  • Drama
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Rudranil Ghosh
  • Rahul Banerjee
  • Abir Chatterjee
  • Paoli Dam
  • Parno Mittra
  • Mainak Bhaumik

Keypoints about Bedroom :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 3m

2. Audio Languages: Bengali

Bedroom - Stories Entangled Within The Four Walls

Every bedroom has a different story, stories of lust, insecurities, love and communication gaps between two individuals. Joy, Deb, and Ananda bring out a few relatable couple problems and desires with flourishing colors of love and insecurities mingled with a touch of unfaithfulness, and the end a shade of incomplete love in this drama and romance genre film.

Bedroom’s director Mainak Bhaumik took up a little risk with a new category of film fuming around the themes of love, loyalty, self-dependency, lust, and in the end loneliness within. Undoubtedly he made a great throwback to the Bengali film industry with such a contrasting strain of film on the big screen.

Bedroom Movie Basic Details

Bedroom movie made its appearance on the big screen on 6th January 2012 under the direction of Mainak Bhaumik. The story and plot were also written by the very talented Mainak Bhaumik. Produced by Rana Sarkar the film proceeds with Abir Chatterjee as Ananda, Rudranil Ghosh as Deb, Rahul Banerjee as Joy, Parno Mittra as Ritika, Paoli Dam as Priyanka, Tanushree Chakraborty as Tanisha, Ushashie Chakraborty as Ipshita in the lead along with others. The movie pins up a drama genre and keeps the audience hooked till the end.

Bedroom Movie Plot

The picture puts up a beautiful screen for couples with a variety of themes revolving in the whole plot.

Ananda (Abir Chatterjee) is a purely middle-class guy who works in an IT company and has a rich Bengali girl Priyanka (Paoli Dam) as his better half. Priyanka’s friend Ritika is in a living-in relationship with Joy and completely opposite from the two friends Deb, a successful actor is a person who does not believe in love and relationship rather prefers to have fun with any girl snatching his attention.

Joy conducts an acting workshop incapable of getting any role himself, frustrated by insecurity and dependency as Ritika pulls the burden of the house.

As the story proceeds the couples get attracted to other individuals sharing a space of tension between them but finally in the end finds out that their partners are the most appropriate for them. Joy marries Ritika, Ananda got a huge support system in his better half Priyanka after a minor misunderstanding due to her friend Rajat. Deb remains unmarried forever. 

The sad ending curtails on Tanisha who was a prostitute before as Joy refused to be with her forever. Hence she bought the red shoes from the shop herself when Joy turned her down and after 2 months she committed suicide with the same shoes on.

Bedroom Movie Lead Cast Performance

The lead actors brought out their best in them to bring out the ugliest moments in the entangling love story as the night proceeds in the bedroom. Abir Chatterjee was at his best in his usual performances and brought the picture of a middle-class guy through his skills within Ananda. Priyanka’s character as an understanding support system was also marvelously carried out by Paoli Dam. Rudranil Ghosh presents the same actual act of his personality through the fearless Deb with an ‘I don’t care’, attitude at the high.

The Bedroom Movie release date on OTT 

The Bedroom Movie’s release date is 13th December 2019, and is available to stream on ZEE5, an OTT platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Movie

Q1. Who is the music composer of the film Bedroom?

Ans - Rupam Islam is the music composer of the Bedroom movie. 

Q2. When was the Bedroom movie release date? 

Ans - Bedroom movie release date was 6th January 2012.

Q3 - Which production company produced the movie Bedroom?

Ans - DAG Creative Media has produced the movie Bedroom. 

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