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1h 58m

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Genre :

A heart-warming story of a father whose life revolves around an old age home and his self-centred son. What happens when their worlds collide?

Details About Avwanchhit Movie :

Movie Released Date
19 Mar 2021
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Abhay Mahajan
  • Mrinal Kulkarni
  • Mohan Agashe
  • Kishore Kadam
  • Dilip Dave
  • Shubho Basu Nag

Keypoints about Avwanchhit :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 58m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

Avwanchhit - A Tale of Relationships

Avwanchhit is a Marathi movie that follows the story of a father and son relationship who have moved individually to discover different priorities, where the son blames his father for all the misfortunes that happened to him. The story is an emotional adventure for the viewers that is filled with heart-wrenching moments.  

Avwanchhit Movie Cast

The movie is directed by Shubho Basu Nag and produced by Pritam Chowdhury and Debolina Sen. The movie's cast includes Abhay Mahajan as Tapan Gavhane, Mrinal Kulkarni as Bhakti Gavhane, Mohan Agashe as Mithin Das, Kishore Kadam as Madhusudhan Gavhane, Dilip Dave as Sunil Babu, Rohit Mane as Aniket, Mrinmayee Godbole as Ashima Manohar, Barun Chanda as Col. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Suhasini Joshi as Renuka and other renowned actors.

Avwanchhit Movie Plot

Avwanchhit, a drama movie, begins with Madhusudhan (played by Kishore Kadam), head of an old age home who makes an effort everyday to promote joy and cheer in a setting that harbours a strong sense of rejection and sorrow.

The single child of Madhusudhan, Tapan (played by Abhay Mahajan), spent his childhood preparing to live on his own. Tapan is an ambitious young man who wants to make it big in the corporate world. He leaves for Mumbai and is successful in his career, but he still feels an emptiness in his life. He holds Madhusudhan accountable for both his mother's passing and for being absent in all the moments when he truly needed his father.

When his father is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Tapan returns to Kolkata to be with his father. During his time there, he gets to know and understand his father better. He realises that his father was always there for him, even when he thought he wasn’t. The narrative takes us on an emotional journey through the bond between a father and son.

In the end, Madhusudhan passes away, but the old age home is kept running. Tapan continues his father's legacy, bringing joy and cheer to the home's residents. He also honours his father's memory by continuing to strive for success, with the values and lessons he learned from his father. He takes pride in his father's legacy and carries it on, inspiring others to do the same.

Avwanchhit Movie Release Date on OTT

The Avwanchhit movie release date is 19 March 2021. The movie is also available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avwanchhit Movie

Q1. What is the running time of the Avwanchhit Movie?

Ans. The running time of the Avwanchhit movie is 118 minutes.

Q2. Who has done the cinematography of the movie Avwanchhit movie?

Ans. Atul Jagdale has done the cinematography of the movie.

Q3. Who has given the music in the Avwanchhit Movie?

Ans. Anupam Roy has given the music in the Avwanchhit Movie.

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