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This ZEE5 Original film is about an army officer who goes missing and is declared dead. What happens when he returns after a decade to reclaim his family?

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Ateet | Trailer

Ateet | Trailer

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Details about Ateet Movie :

Movie Released Date
21 Apr 2020
  • suspense
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Rajeev Khandelwal
  • Sanjay Suri
  • Priyamani
  • Tanuj Bhramar

Keypoints about Ateet :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 55m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Ateet: A Man of the Past or A Soldier of Today

Ateet is a Hindi film with a lot of drama and thrill, which takes place in each story scene. Soldiers are there to become the shield of a nation, and if need be, they can even become the spears to fend off invaders. But what happens if one of them goes missing or is declared dead? 

How does the lack of presence of a single soldier affect everybody around him? This movie’s story focuses on a soldier Ateet Rana (played by Rajeev Khandelwal) who has been declared dead for a long time and has returned and wants to claim his position. What happened to his friends and family in this period, and will he be able to live an everyday life as he once did? This intense thriller film packed with a lot of suspense is the epitome of entertainment and excitement.

Sneak Peek About Ateet Movie

Tanuj Bhramar is the Ateet director and this film is produced by Anil Somani, Pramod Goyal, Anup Todi and Ashish Wagh. Harsshil R Patel wrote this story's fantastic dialogue and the entire plot and turned the director's ideas into a masterpiece. The movie's Ateet cast includes Rajeev Khandelwal as Ateet Rana (a missing soldier),  Priyamani as Janvi, Sanjay Suri as Vishwa Karma along with other supporting characters. 

The Plot for Ateet

Ateet Rana was a brave soldier who died protecting his nation in a war. It's been a decade since then. Both his wife and daughter have moved on in their lives and accepted the cruel fate. But somehow, out of nowhere, hints of Ateet returning have started to appear. 

A soldier who should have been dead a decade ago appeared all of a sudden. Trying to claim his position back and forcing his way into the family, he has taken extreme measures to reach his goals. Questioning his existence, everyone is in constant fear. Whether he is alive or just a soul in a physical form is what everyone is asking. 

The story leads to a lot of development, and the suspense increases as the story proceeds. This story revolves around whether he will be able to claim his family and position back. 

Ateet Movie Release Date on OTT

Ateet's movie release date is April 21, 2020 and available to stream on OTT ZEE5. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ateet Movie

Q1. How long is this film?

Ans. This film is 1h 55m long.

Q2. Are their subtitles available for this film?

Ans. Yes, English subtitles are available.

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