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Ashi Hi Aashiqui

2h 3m

Audio Languages :


Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a 2019 Marathi romantic movie starring Abhinay Berde, Hemal Ingle and Sunil Barve. Swayam and Amarja fall in love but their world comes crashing down when Amarja is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Disappointed but undeterred, the couple decide to take their relationship to the next level and get married.

Details About Ashi Hi Aashiqui Movie :

Movie Released Date
14 Feb 2019
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Abhinay Berde
  • Hemal Ingle
  • Sachin Pilgaonkar

Keypoints about Ashi Hi Aashiqui :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 3m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

Ashi Hi Aashiqui: Love, Life, and struggles

Ashi hi Aashiqui movie is a romantic Marathi comedy movie. The movie extends its genre reach to humor as well. This Marathi film is directed by well-known director, actor, singer, and writer Sachin Pilgaonkar. It is a fantasy movie revolving around a couple and their dreams.

Ashi hi Aashiqui is a sentimental fiction and a simple, streamlined movie with actors. They share some comedy-drama as well as emotional scenes in their act. 

Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie premise is quite similar to a 2009 old released American movie, A Walk to Remember, by Adam Shankman. Both of these movies have similar plots. 

Sneak Peak of Ashi Hi Aashiqui Movie

The captivating storyline is given by Sachin Pilgaonkar, the music director and producer of the film. Eight songs in the movie connect different scenes and engage the audience throughout the two hours of the movie. 

The leading cast of the Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie is the couple, Swayam Deshmukh and Abhinay Berde, the male partner. With Hemal Ingle as Amarja Kulkarni, the female partner. The cast is incomplete without Mona (Rajlakshmi Jhadav) and Deshmukh (Sunil Barve). 

Ashi Hi Aashiqui Movie Plot 

Swayam (Abhinay Berde) takes help from Amarja (Hemal Ingle) to impress his crush, Mona (Rajlakshmi Jhadav). However, later in the movie, it is seen that Swayam ends up falling for Amarja. And then, a college romance, love, and scenes full of drama are followed between the two that lasts for most of the movie's first half with ultimate songs. 

However, a tragic road accident sets the couple's blissful love in danger. Swayam and Amarja decide to marry to spend the rest of their lives together, checking things off their bucket lists. The movie does not end here. It has an overall good twist toward the end.

The Performance of the Ashi Hi Aashiqui Cast

This Sachin Pilgaonkar movie initially gives off the impression of a romantic romance. The Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie has affected the viewers with the cute chemistry between the major actors. 

The lead cast has Abhinay and Hemal given their best shot. Also, Sunil Barve has given a really strong performance. The story's premise and the chemistry between the partners were the main ailments in the Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie

Ashi Hi Aashiqui Movie Release Date on OTT

The Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie release date is February 14, 2019 and available to watch on Zee5, an OTT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ashi Hi Aashiqui

Q1. What is the name of the Ashi Hi Aashiqui director?

Ans: Ashi Hi Aashiqui is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar, a well-known director, actor, singer, and writer.

Q2. What is the Ashi Hi Aashiqui Movie Release Date?

Ans: The movie was released on February 14, 2019. 

Q3. What is the genre of the movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui?

Ans: The movie is both romantic and comedy.

Q4: Who wrote the script of the Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie?

Ans: The movie was written as well as directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar. 

Q5: Is Ashi Hi Aashiqui a Bollywood Movie?

Ans: No, Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a Marathi movie.

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