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2h 23m

Audio Languages :


Arumugam is a 2009 romantic drama film starring Bharath, Priyamani, Ramya Krishnan and Saranya Mohan.

Details About Arumugam Movie :

Movie Released Date
25 Sep 2009
  • Drama
  • Romance
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Bharath
  • Saranya Mohan
  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Suresh Krishna

Keypoints about Arumugam :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 23m

2. Audio Language: Tamil

About the Movie Arumugam: A Story of Revenge

Arumugam is a romance movie that shows the rags to riches story of its namesake protagonist. The leading character Arumugam is shown as a happy-go-lucky person, who lives in humble conditions, but is happy with his family. All this changes when he is noticed by the rich Malini Devi for being friends with his brother. She makes up her mind to destroy his life for being low class and still dares to be in the company of her brother. What later succeeds is the story of Malini Devi’s destruction and Arumugam’s rise and revenge.

Arumugam Movie Release Date on OTT

The drama movie Arumugam was released in theatres on 25th September 2009. It is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Arumugam Movie Plot

Arumugam is a movie which shows the story of its namesake protagonist who goes through various struggles in life and rises to become a man of highness. Arumugam lives with his family and makes a living by selling idlis. He is friends with a well-to-do rich boy, much to the dislike of the boy’s sister- Malini Devi. She sets it upon herself to bring Arumugam’s family to ruin.

After Malini Devi has carried out her plans, Arumugam starts planning for revenge. He sets out to become a man of wealth and power. Will he succeed in his plan? How will he extract vengeance upon Malini Devi? Or will Malini Devi survive?

Arumugam Movie Cast and Crew

The cast of the movie consists of Bharath as Arumugam, Saranya Mohan as Mallika, and Ramya Krishnan as Malini Devi. Priyamani plays the role of Malini, Sathya plays the role of Kartik and Sara Alambara as Kartik’s wife.

Suresh Krishna is the director of the film, Rashid Premji is the writer and Chida. Shenbaga Kumar is the producer of the film. Deva has given the music for the movie, and Kool Productions is the production company. The distribution has been done by Mannan Films.

Interesting Facts about the Movie Arumugam

The literal translation of the movie’s title ‘Arumugam’ stands for Six Faces.

FAQs about the Movie Arumugam

Q1. What is the basis of inspiration for the film Arumugam?

Ans: The basis of inspiration for the Tamil film Arumugam is the 1992 Rajnikant film ‘Annamalai’.

Q2. What is the special highlight in ‘Arumugam’ and ‘Annamalai’ on whom the film is based?

Ans: The special highlight is that both the films have the same director Suresh Krishna.

Q3. Which mega superstar in an interview credited Suresh Prabhu for his superstardom?

Ans: Rajnikant is the mega superstar who once credited Suresh Prabhu for his superstardom.  

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