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2h 12m

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AranyaDeb is a ZEE5 Marathi Original starring Jisshu Sengupta, Mir Afsar Ali, Sreelekha Mitra, Paran Banerjee, Saayoni Ghosh and Arunima Ghosh. Aranya, a simple innocent man, believes he has special powers to protect people, but nobody believes him. On the other hand, his long-time school friend Deb grows up to be very successful and famous. Years later, when the friends cross paths, they discover interesting facts about each other.

Details about AranyaDeb Movie :

Movie Released Date
10 Aug 2018
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Arunima Ghosh
  • Mir Afsar Ali
  • Jisshu Sengupta
  • Paran Banerjee
  • Sreelekha Mitra
  • Debasish Sen Sharma

Keypoints about AranyaDeb :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 12m

2. Audio Languages: Marathi

AranyaDeb: A Salute to the Heroes Around Us

AranyaDeb is a Marathi film that focuses on two friends from childhood. They have undertaken their paths in their lives but often think of each other. The movie retells the life story of Aranya (played by Jisshu Sengupta) and Deb (played by Mir Afsar Ali). It turns back and forth in time as the story goes on. It also shows the similarities and differences in the qualities of both individuals. 

The plot of this ZEE5 Marathi original drama-fantasy movie circles around the lead characters. It also brings up promises they made to each other as children. AranyaDeb is directed by Debasish Sen Sharma as well as a co-writer. It portrays the recognition of the great strength and stability within ourselves. The film showcases the celebration of unique qualities through the main character's experiences.

AranyaDeb Cast

The cast of AranyaDeb consists of Jisshu Sengupta as Aranya, Mir Afsar Ali as Deb, Arunima Ghosh as Malabika, Paran Banerjee as Jyathamasai, Sreelekha Mitra as Rini, and Saayoni Ghosh as Mrs. Agrawal. The movie also consists of several other supporting cast members who help to bring the film to life. 

AranyaDeb Plot

AranyaDeb follows the stories of Aranya and Deb, who are childhood friends. 

Aranya is a young man who is laid back and easy-going. He has a unique set of dreams and plans, one of which is to see himself as a superhero. He wishes to fly through the skies and experience the joy of fighting gravity. This is his deep-seated desire. He leads a very normal life. He follows his school syllabus and goes to the office, but he also wants to help people in pain, just like a superhero.

Deb is visionary and practical. He becomes a high-ranking corporate expert with a perfect family and career. He never forgets his best friend, Aranya, and the promises they made to each other. 

The film takes the audience through a journey, alternating between past and present. It also shows the individual dreams of both Aranya and Deb to become a superhero. The story explores different layers, combining the real and the surreal. 

The film delves into the theme of the superhero within us all. Aranya and Deb's admiration and hunt for a superhero are important parts of the film. It explores the idea that anyone can be a superhero in their way. It is not just limited to people with extraordinary powers but also to those who make a positive impact in the world.

AranyaDeb Release Date on OTT

AranyaDeb movie release date on OTT ZEE5 is June 06, 2022 and 20 January 2017 in theaters. 

Frequently Asked Questions About AranyaDeb Movie

Q1. How long is the AranyaDeb movie?

Ans. AranyDeb is 2 hours and 12 minutes long.

Q2. Who has given background music to AranyaDeb?

Ans. Anindya Sundar Chakraborty is the composer of AranyaDeb’s original soundtrack.

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