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Ananta (The Eternal)

1h 49m

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Suvo is an unambitious lonely man in his 40s. He finds solace in his daily meetings with Mistu, a schoolteacher. But one day, Mistu suddenly disappears. Will Suvo ever find her and talk to her again?

Details About Ananta (The Eternal) Movie :

Movie Released Date
15 Jul 2022
  • Romance
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Ritwik Chakraborty
  • Sohini Sarkar
  • Anindya Banerjee
  • Amit Saha
  • Abhinandan Dutta

Keypoints about Ananta (The Eternal) :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 49m

2. Audio Language: Bengali

Ananta (The Eternal) Movie: Story of an Emotionally Broken Man

Ananta (The Eternal) is a Bengali film about a man feeling lonely and unambitious in his 40s. Another character in this film, Mistu, whose father is an alcoholic, is a schoolteacher. They are emotionally broken and want to involve themselves deeply in the daily routine so they will not realize their loneliness. The Ananta (The Eternal) movie is a complete drama film released in 2022. 

Sneak Peek of Ananta (The Eternal) Movie

Ananta (The Eternal) Movie director is Abhinandan Dutta, as well as the writer of the movie. Ananta (The Eternal) movie cast includes Ritwik Chakraborty as Suvo, Sohini Sarkar as Mistu, Anindya Banerjee as Somnath, Amit Saha as Ratan and other supporting actors. 

Ananta (The Eternal) Movie Plot

The plot of the movie Ananta (The Eternal) revolves around the lives of two individuals, Suvo and Mistu. Suvo is feeling lonely and unambitious in his 40s. At the same time, Mistu (played by Anindya Banerjee) is a schoolteacher living with an alcoholic father. They both are emotionally broken and struggling to overcome the pains in their lives. They meet each other and find solace at a particular time of the day. But these meetings do not turn into any commitment or relationship between them. However, Mistu suddenly disappears one-day leaving Suvo alone. Watch it now to find out whether Suvo met Mistu or it was just an imagination. 

Ananta (The Eternal) Movie Release Date on OTT

Ananta (The Eternal) Movie Release Date on OTT ZEE5 is December 16, 2022, and the theatrical release date of the movie is July 15, 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ananta (The Eternal) Movie

Q1. What is the language of the Ananta (The Eternal) Movie released?

Ans: The movie Ananta (The Eternal) is released in the Bengali language.

Q2. Who produced the Ananta (The Eternal) Movie?

Ans: Sourav Sanyal is the Ananta (The Eternal) movie producer. 

Q3. What is the production company of Ananta (The Eternal) Movie?

Ans: Roll Camera Action Casting Agency is the production company of the Ananta (The Eternal) Movie.

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