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Anandham Vilayadum Veedu

2h 19m

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Half-brothers Muthupandi and Kasiappan decide to build a home and live together peacefully. But trouble begins when Karuppan, an evil localite, decides to create a rift between the two brothers.

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Trailers

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu | Trailer

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu | Trailer

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Details about Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie :

Movie Released Date
24 Dec 2021
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Tamil
  • Cheran
  • Saravanan
  • Gautham Karthik
  • Daniel Balaji
  • Vignesh
  • Nandha Periyasamy

Keypoints about Anandham Vilayadum Veedu :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 19m

2. Audio Languages: Tamil

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu: An Encapsulating Action and Family Drama

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is the story of two brothers who live together with their respective families. These twelve families form a big and happy family of nearly 30 people. The unconditional love between the half-brothers Kasi and Muthupandi is visible and almost awe-inspiring. The brothers start building a house for the whole family to live in. But what causes rifts and rivalry between the two half brothers is the jealousy of the villain, Karuppan. 

Karuppan is the money lender who incurs huge losses because of the two brothers. Therefore, he decides to take revenge by causing rivalry, hatred and misunderstandings between them. 

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie: Basic Details

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is a 2021 Tamil language action and family drama movie. The Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Director and writer is Nandha Periyasamy, and Sri Vaari Film has produced it. This film stars several renowned names, including Gautham Karthik, Cheran, Shivathmika Rajashekhar, Saravanan, Vignesh, Rajendran, Daniel Balaji and Soundararaja. This heartful action-family drama was put up for release on 24th December 2021.

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie Plot

The story revolves around the sons of Periya Aambalai. Periya Aambalai has four children from his first wife, including Kasi, Pazhanisamy, Dharmraj and a daughter. He and his second wife give birth to Muthupandi, Chella, Selvam and Mahesh. The film draws the viewers' attention towards the unconditional love between the half-brothers, Kasi and Muthupandi. Muthupandi is a successful owner of a booming lorry business and even employs his nephew Sakthivel, Kasi's son. 

Muthupandi was a former employee of the evil money lender in the area - Karuppan. Karuppan is jealous of the success of Muthupandi and sets out to sow the seeds of trouble in his way. When Kasi and Muthupandi mutually decide to construct a house for the entire family, a few opinions differ. Karuppan sets out to use these differences to his advantage and hinder the construction of their house. 

He tries to provoke and manipulate Muthupandi's brothers against him. When Muthupandi returns from the hospital after an injury, he notices that the construction project of their house is not going right. An angry Muthupandi questions Kasi about the same and hands over the responsibility to his nephew Sakthivel. 

Muthupandi tries to warn his brothers and their families about the discord and disharmony caused by Karuppan but fails to convince them. As the story unfolds, the half-brothers are seen fighting over petty issues instead of realizing the real problem. The movie's end showcases the half brothers finally realizing their dream of living happily with all the family members. 

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie Release Date on OTT

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu movie release date on OTT is 11th February 2022 and released on 24th December 2021 in theatres. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie

Q1. Who plays the role of the evil big-shot Karuppan in the movie?

Ans. Daniel Balaji beautifully portrays the role of Karuppan in Anandham Vilayadum Veedu. 

Q2. Who is the composer behind the soundtrack and score of the movie album?

Ans. The four-songs featuring album has been composed by Siddhu Kumar. 

Q3. Which OTT platforms hold streaming and satellite rights to the movie?

Ans. ZEE5 holds the streaming rights to the movie, while Zee Tamil and Zee Thirai bought the satellite rights.

Q4. In which language is the movie aired?

Ans. The movie has been released in Tamil. 

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