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Aloukik Abhijaan

2h 16m

Audio Languages :


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Genre :

When a parapsychologist discovers about a 10-year-old girl with supernatural powers, he decides to protect her from the greedy people who want to take advantage of her powers.

Details about Aloukik Abhijaan Movie :

Movie Released Date
14 Jan 2022
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Aishani Roy
  • Gourab Chatterjee
  • Aranyak Chatterjee

Keypoints about Aloukik Abhijaan :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 16m

2. Audio Languages: Bengali

Aloukik Abhijaan movie: Realm beyond logic 

Aloukik Abhijaan is a Bengali drama film that explores beliefs in paranormal activities and tantric rituals. The film revolves around a young girl with supernatural powers and a middle-aged parapsychologist who believes in reasoning, and how tries to save the girl from being exploited by greedy men. 

Release date of Aloukik Abhijaan movie on OTT

The Bengali movie Aloukik Abhijaan was released in the theatres on 14 January 2022. The film is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

Aloukik Abhijaan: Battling against greed

Aloukik Abhijaan is set in a remote village in West Bengal. Young Puti possesses supernatural powers and can move things with her eyes. When a fraudster learns about this, he takes Puti captive and starts telling people that she is the incarnation of Goddess Tara. This wins him the people’s trust over the village doctor who wants to make people look logically at things. However, the doctor gets help from a parapsychologist named Mr. Sen. Will they succeed in exposing the fraudster? Will Puti reunite with her family? 

Aloukik Abhijaan movie cast and crew

Aishani Dey has supernatural powers and appears as Puti, Gourab Chatterjee is Mr. Sen, while Judhajit Sarkar plays Moga Kapalik. Surangana Bandyopadhyay and Arpan Ghosal are the other important artists in the movie. 

The drama film Aloukik Abhijaan is directed by Aranyak Chatterjee. Shrestha Chatterjee has handled the screenplay and dialogues for the movie, and the story is scripted by Soumodipto Mondal. The film is edited by Sumit Chowdhury and produced by Roadshow Films Private Limited. Nabaran Bose has scored the music for Aloukik Abhijaan. 

Interesting facts about Aloukik Abhijaan movie

Aloukik Abhijaan has secured a viewer rating of 6-8 points out of 10.

Kolkata-based film and TV actor Gourab Chatterjee is the grandson of the celebrated Bengali actor, Uttam Kumar. 

FAQs about Aloukik Abhijaan movie

Q1. What does Aloukik Abhijaan seek to convey?

Ans. The movie attempts to show the gullibility of people and how easily they can be fooled by greedy people and fraudsters. 

Q2. Is the movie Aloukik Abhijaan an adaptation of a novel or a Bengali rendering of another movie?

Ans. No, Aloukik Abhijaan is an original Bengali movie and is not an adaptation.

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