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Alam Ara

2h 14m

Audio Languages :


Genre :

Alam Ara is a 1973 drama film starring Nazima, Ajit Sachdev and P Jairaj. The story revolves around a royal family wherein the queen’s newborn daughter is replaced with a baby boy to be the heir of the kingdom. Years later, the daughter grows up and accidentally reaches the palace where the truth starts unfolding.

Details about Alam Ara Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Jan 1973
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Nazima
  • Mohan Choti
  • Paidi Jairaj
  • Bindu
  • Rajni Bala
  • Nanubhoy Vakil

Keypoints about Alam Ara :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 14m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Alam Ara: The power in belief 

Alam Ara is a Hindi film with a lot of intense drama and a thriller plot to go with it. Ever since way back in history, women have been considered weaker than men, and this stereotype led many people to abandon their child just because it was a girl and cannot take over their responsibilities after them as a son could.

The plot of this film focuses on an abandoned princess of a royal family who is replaced by the son of a minister when they were newborns. As they grow up one turns into a spoiled child while the other becomes a devout Muslim. Will the princess be ever able to take back her position or will she live the life the cruel fate has decided for her? Nanubhoy Vakil is the director of Alam Ara and this film is produced by Mafatlal Shah.

Alam Ara Cast

The cast of Alam Ara consists of Nazima as Sharin, Mohan Choti as Prince Azam, Paidi Jairaj as King Khatani Azam, Bindu as Queen, Rajni Bala as Alam Ara, and other supporting cast members.

Alam Ara Plot

Alam Ara is the princess born to a wealthy and influential king named Khatani Azam but the king refused to have a girl child as the heir to the kingdom and abandons his newborn child and replaces her with the son of a minister of the kingdom. She was found by a fakir who takes her in and takes care of her like his own daughter. 

As they grew older prince Azam got spoiled by the facilities he was provided ever since his childhood while Alam Ara became a devout Muslim who believed in god and his protection. She was living her life normally as the daughter of the Fakir but through some incident, fate brought her back to her birthplace. 

As she lives more and more in the kingdom which should rightfully be her’s she wins the hearts of more and more people. Will she be able to win her father’s heart and gain his trust as the rightful heir of the kingdom or will the spoiled prince keep his reign on the people as he did all this time?

Alam Ara Movie Release Date

Alam Ara movie theatrical release date is January 01, 1973, and available to stream on OTT ZEE5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alam Ara Movie

Q1. How long is this movie?

Ans. This film is 2h 14m long.

Q2. Who composed the music for this film?

Ans. Iqbal Qureshi composed the music for Alam Ara. 

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