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Ajob Premer Golpo

2h 7m

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A light-hearted romantic comedy revolving around a young boy who falls in love with an older woman. Will their families accept their relationship?

Ajob Premer Golpo Trailers

Ajob Premer Golpo | Trailer

Ajob Premer Golpo | Trailer

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Details about Ajob Premer Golpo Movie :

Movie Released Date
18 Jul 2021
  • Romance
  • Comedy
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali

      Keypoints about Ajob Premer Golpo :

      1. Total Movie duration: 2h 7m

      2. Audio Languages: Bengali

      About the movie Ajob Premer Golpo 

      Ajob Premer Golpo is a Bengali romantic film that has a light-spirited story revolving around a young boy who falls in love with an older woman, much to the disapproval of family and friends. 

      Release Date of Ajob Premer Golpo movie on OTT

      The Bengali movie Ajob Premer Golpo was released across cinema halls on 18th July 2021. The film is also streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform.

      Ajob Premer Golpo movie: Where love knows no boundaries

      Young Dipto falls in love with the kind and bubbly Sulagna who is much older than him. However, friends and family do not approve of this odd relationship and things start getting difficult for the duo. They struggle to win over their conservative families. Will their friends and family finally overlook the age difference and accept the relationship?

      Ajob Premer Golpo movie cast and crew

      Bonny Sengupta plays the role of young Dipto, while Srabanti Chatterjee is the mature lover, Sulagna. Arindam Ganguly, Pallavi Chatterjee, Alokananda Roy, Nabanita Mazumder, Ankita Majhi, and Madhurima Basak among others have made the movie enjoyable with their respective contributions. 

      This Bengali comedy film is directed by Raja Chanda and produced by Shyamsundar Dey and Arijit Dutta under the aegis of Zee Bangla Cinema.

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