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Aai is a 1995 Marathi drama film starring Arun Badshandey, Sunil Barve, Subhash Daatar, Nana Dalvi. Sumitra takes over her family's responsibility after her husband Avinash loses his legs in an accident. She sells her kidney to pay for her children's education. However, when her sons grow up and have their own family, they hesitate to take their parents' responsibility.

Details About Aai Movie :

Movie Released Date
6 Jan 1995
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Sunil Barve
  • Mahesh Manjrekar

Keypoints about Aai :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 19m

2. Audio Language: Marathi

Aai: The story of Motherliness

Aai, a commendable Marathi movie, is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The story's setting, the powerful acting, and the remarkable storyline are just a few of the have made the Aai movie one of the most prepossing movies in Maharashtra. 

Our environment is shaped by our mothers as we grow up. However, we do not really appreciate and assume that things are supposed to be as they are. But we should examine the hardships, obstacles and difficult situations our parents went to raise us. The Aai movie underlines the same theme in the movie.  In our busy lives, we forget the labor-intensive job that goes into raising a family and the sacrifices that our parents made for us.

The Aai movie brings the same intensive role of a woman who faced a lot of hardships while raising her two children. The movie is a popular drama film starring Marathi actor, Sunil Barve. 

Aai Movie Basic Details 

The Aai movie is an old classic that was released on 1st June 1995 in theaters and is available to stream on ZEE5. The movie was written by Abhiram, Bhadkamkar and Mahesh Manjrekar, also the director of the movie. 

The Aai movie has a powerful start and end as well. The whole movie is full of emotion and shows the struggles and real emotions of a woman. In the movie Neena Kulkarni played the strong role of the mother Sumitra Pradhan, her husband Dilip Kulkarni became Sumitra’s husband as Avinash in the movie, and Sunil Barve as Deepak A Pradhan played the protagonist of the story.  

Aai Movie Plot

Sumitra Pradhan is devastated when her husband Avinash suffers a work-related accident and loses the use of his legs. She decides to take everything upon herself and starts to care for the entire family of four, including two toddlers named Deepak and Kiran, and even sells one of her kidneys so they can continue their education. Years later, the two sons hesitate in taking responsibility for their parents.

The story brings out emotional scenes from the movie where the two sons are not giving importance to their parents. The mother (Sumitra Pradhan) is shown in pain. The turning point comes in their life when she asks for a loan for Avinash’s operation and for Kiran’s education. This somehow brings a twist to the whole story as well as in their lives.

The Performance of the Aai Cast

The Aai movie is full of emotional drama showcasing motherhood in most of the scenes. The movie revolves around a mother who has nourished her two children with all her strong efforts. She faced a lot of obstacles as her husband could not earn. To provide quality education to both her children she even sold her kidney.  However, she does not get the same respect and love from her children when they are grown up. 

The drama has brought an expressive role from each cast, whether Neena Kulkarni or Sunil Barve. The expressive act in each scene has produced a wholesome movie for the audience. The storyline has a connected plot, every character on the screen felt natural and real. The vision and aim of the Aai movie to respect and love our parents were also reflected well by the cast. 

The Aai Movie release date on OTT 

The Aai Movie’s release date is January 6, 1995, and is available to stream on ZEE5, an OTT platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Aai Movie

Q1. What is the name of the Aai director?

Ans: The Aai Movie is directed by the famous Marathi filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar.

Q2. Who wrote the script for the Aai movie?

Ans: The script of Aai is written by Abhiram, Bhadkamkar and Mahesh Manjrekar. 

Q3. Who is the main hero in the movie Aai(1995)?

Ans. The main hero of the Aai movie is Sunil Barve.