3 Major Events That Take Place In This Week’s Episode Of Paaru

Catch the important highlights from this week’s episode of Adi and Paaru’s love story


October 4, 2020


3 min


As we know, Paaru and Adi have left for the village as they need to bring back the natural ingredients suggested by Paaru for their new business product. We also see that Adi makes a grand gesture to apologise to Parvathi for everything that happened between them. He brings in a board which says that he is sorry and tells her how much he regrets having the argument with her. Apart from that, Adi is seen having a new experience of how the village life works and how people of the village function.

This week, Akhila sees the thread that she had tied on Adi’s wrist fallen in one corner of the house. She thinks about what the Guruji had said and wonders if Adi’s life will be at risk now that the thread that would have protected him is not around his wrist. She immediately tells Janani about the same who then suggests that she should call Guruji and tell him about the same. When she does call him, he tells her not to worry and to pray to the God that she is most fond of so that her son is protected at all times.

Anushka, on the other hand, has found out the village to which Adi and Paaru have gone to and decides to go there. However, she goes there with a rowdy so that he can attack Paaru and Adi while they are there. She reaches there and finds out the address of Thaatha’s house to ask him about Paaru and Adi.

Anushka comes in search of Adi

Elsewhere, it is revealed that Adi’s employee was hiding in his car as he wanted to tell him about Paaru and the fact that Anushka was planning an attack on her. He too goes to Thaatha’s house to ask him their whereabouts to which Thaatha says that they are in a dangerous forest and that he mustn’t go alone.

Paaru and Adi are in the forest and are walking and talking to each other. They are both singing songs and having a good time when Adi gets tired and hungry. They decide to sit for a couple of minutes before they can proceed.

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