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Zee5 announces its new content line-up for festive season 2021

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October 2, 2021

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The AVOD premieres are in multiple languages and with a range of genres

Zee5 has announced new content content line-up for advertisers for this year’s festive season, between October and December 2021. The line-up includes new releases, including more than 30 AVOD premieres and 14 original SVOD.


Audiences from across India, including Metro tier II and Metro tier III cities, will be able to watch the wide variety of content on offer this festive season, which in turn will give advertisers to reach out to a wide consumer target through video, display and other innovative brand integration solutions.


The AVOD premieres are in multiple languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Bangla. The content includes every kind of genre: comedy, drama, thrillers, culinary, travel and more. The audience can also look forward to festive line-ups of awards, events and festive tentpoles in the on-going as well as new shows, which is also promising for brand integrations. SVOD offers originals with iconic characters and storylines with an ensemble of actors, enabling advertisers to create relevant associations with these titles.


Another recent launch


Zee5 had also recently announced the launch of the fortnightly knowledge series ‘Zee5 Intelligence Monitor’ to analyse the latest consumption trends, consumer preferences and get new insights across various product and service categories. This was done out of a commitment to add value to its varied advertisers. The ‘Intelligence Monitor Report’ offers insights into the upcoming trends and new expectations of consumers across multiple markets and lifestyle-led consumer cohorts, such as industry verticals, spanning diverse categories, including auto, beauty, health and wellness smartphones, gaming, crypto currency, and more. The  ‘Zee5 Intelligence Monitor’ makes it possible for brands to not just target consumers using content but also to collaborate with it.

The ‘Zee5 Intelligence Monitor’ brings together industry leaders for expert viewpoints, in particular with regard to the ‘new-normal’ brought upon  by the rapid increase in the use of the internet and technology.

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