Sembaruthi 14 January 2021 Written Update: Purushothaman invites Parvathy to a family trip to the village

Will the trip change the equation between Akhila and Parvathy? To know what happens next on Sembaruthi, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

In the previous episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila looks at Parvathy as she helps in the wedding ritual. Vanaja berates Parvathy for taking Akhila’s place, but the guests explain the situation to Akhila. Later, Vanaja secretly hangs a picture of Adi-Parvathy on the wall in order to create a fight. But before Akhila could see the picture, Guruji walks into the house.

Watch what will happen next on Sembaruthi:

In the latest episode of Sembaruthi, Akhila agrees with Sundaravalli and promises to visit her village during Pongal. Guruji advises her to perform the puja at the village ancestral temple. Guruji smiles on seeing the Adi-Parvathy picture hanging on the wall. As soon as Guruji leaves the house, Vanaja accuses Arun of hanging the picture on the wall. Arun denies Vanaja’s claims. But an adamant Vanaja shows Akhila a pair of hand gloves and claims that Arun used them to hang the picture. Arun proves Vanaja wrong and they argue with each other. Akhila stops them. Purushothaman offers to take off the picture from the wall. But to everyone’s surprise, Akhila asks him to let it be.

A worried Parvathy discusses about the events at the wedding with Adithya. But Adithya assures her that she has done the right thing. Purushothaman interrupts them and assures Parvathy that Akhila is not upset with her. To prove his point, Purushothaman tells Paravthy as to how Vanaja hung a picture of the couple on the wall and Akhila’s reaction to it. Purushothaman informs Parvathy and Adithya about Sundaravalli’s call inviting the family to the village for Pongal. Adithya says that he cannot leave Parvathy alone and travel to the village. To which Purushothaman says that Parvathy must accompany the family on the trip.

Back in the village, the villagers revere Sundaravalli. She reaches the temple and see a few people offering prayers to the deity from outside the temple. She speaks with the temple authorities about how God treats everyone alike and requests them to let the devotees enter the temple. Elsewhere, Purushothaman tells Parvathy that only Sundarawalli can change Akhila’s mind about Parvathy. When Parvathy hesitates, Purushothaman convinces her further.

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