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Nanditha, Janaki: 5 Characters From Popular Serial Jodi Hakki That You Must Know About!


April 10, 2020

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These five characters play pivotal roles in taking the plot further and making Jodi Hakki an absolute favourite among viewers

Jodi Hakki has given us a great story with an exceptional cast. Starring in the lead roles are Chaithra Rao as Janaki and Thandav Ram as Rama, whose love story began after their marriage. However, Rama’s sister-in-law Nanditha (Pallavi Gowda), is jealous of the two of them and always tries to cause them harm. Having said that, the characters are the soul of the serial. Here are the five characters who have made this show a must-watch!


Rama is introduced as a bramhachari but ends up getting married to Janaki who is a teacher. The two begin to develop feelings only after they get married. However, he turns out to be the ideal partner when we see his support for her in her dreams of becoming an IAS officer. One of the cutest moments they had on the show was when Rama made tea for her and ensured that she got back to studying.



Janaki is a perfect balance between mature and naughty. She is a determined woman who dreams of becoming an IAS officer so that she can serve her society. At the same time, we see her relationship with Rama, with whom she is always playful. She always plays pranks on her husband but also shows the utmost care and support in helping him overcome his insecurities.

A Still Of Janaki
Source: ZEE5


Pallavi Gowda has done a commendable job while playing the character of Nanditha in Jodi Hakki. She is seen as the main source of obstacles in Janaki and Rama’s life. As the sister-in-law of Rama and the only woman in the house, Nanditha’s main aim is to ruin Janaki’s life so that she can have complete power in the house. Nanditha’s frustration when she fails to teach Janaki a lesson is something that makes it a must-watch!

A Still Of Nanditha Talking To Balram
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Parvathi plays Rama’s mother. Her support for her daughter-in-law is not only rare but plays out to be one of the most beautiful relationships. Rama’s relationship with his mother is as warm and genuine. When Rama vents to Parvathi about his helplessness regarding people taking advantage of him, she comforts him and feeds him dinner with her own hands. 

A Still Of Parvathi And Rama
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Manja is Rama’s younger brother. He is very respectful of his mother and brother and always listens to what they have to say. He is also a friendly and light character who falls in love with Anu. Manja is determined to marry her which is revealed after he puts Anu through a small test where he realises that she too loves him. Finally, he gets the girl that he falls in love with.

A Smiling Still Of Rohith Aka Manja
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